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Author Guidlines

INSTRUCTIONS to Contributors


Manuscripts should be sent either directly or via an Editor or a member of the editorial board to

Editor in Chief

Dr. Ram Prakash

2/10 Bhikamchand Jain Nagar,

JALGAON – 425 001 INDIA.

0091-257 2253256, Mob. +91-9422775521

Email –,


Presentation of the Manuscripts

The Language of the journals is English.  Send 1 hard copy with CD.

The MS must be typed in double space on the one side of the sheet [9” x 11”] and have a margin of at least 4 cm on the left hand side.  Type scripts should be carefully checked before submission.  No changes to the original manuscript will be allowed at any stage of publication.  The general arrangement of the paper should be: ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIAL AND METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND REFERENCES.

Words to be printed in italics should be italics / underlined.


Table and Figures

Tables must be typed, double spaced on the separate sheets.  A concise heading and number appear above and the explanations below.  Figures [line drawings and half tones] must be supplied as sharp prints suitable for direct reproduction.  Photographs must be clear, highly contrasted, black and white glossy prints in the format.  The colour photographs of good quality may be considered for printing.  Legends must be provided on a separate sheet, typed in double space.  Lettering on figures should be large enough to be readable after photographic reduction. 



In the text references must be made by the name and the year (not by numbers).  More than one paper by the same author (s) should be a, b, c, placed after the year of publication.  The list of references be arranged in alphabetical order according to following format:

1. Prakash, R (1990). Role of methionine in reversing manganese toxicity in rat.  Curr. Sci. Vol1 (5), 263-266. (Paper published in journal)

2. Prakash, R (1990). Management of Water Resources.  In: Aquatic Ecosystems (Ed. Gautam, A.) Ashish publishing House, New Delhi, pp. 1-10. (Paper published in Book).

3. Prakash, R. (1989) Recent Trends in Toxicology, Jagmendar Book Agency, New Delhi. (For Book).


General Information.

Author (s) have to transfer of copyrights from the author (s) to the editor-in-chief.  There will be no printing charges, however, the authors have to pay the cost of reprints.


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