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Volume No. : 14 (2018)
Issue No. : 01 (Supp) ( Supplement )
Table Of Contents

Page No.
Table of Contents– 14#01 – Supplement 2018
IJASS – 14#01 – Supplement 2018
A note on second order rotatable designs under Tri-Diagonal correlated structure of errors using balanced incomplete blocks designs
K. Rajyalakshmi and B. Re. Victorbabu
Growth pattern of vegetable crops in Himachal Pradesh
Nisha Devi and R.S. Prasher
GA-ANN Hybrid model for prediction of Area and Crop production
Raju Prasad Paswan, Shahin Ara Begum and L. Hemochandran
Performance of Potato Genotypes against shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee
Prashant K. Natikar, R. A. Balikai and P. R. Dharmatti
Interaction Study of Volatile Cues Emitted from Potato Variety Kufri Surya and Four Trichogrammatids
Surabhi Singh, Bishwajeet Paul and Archna Kumar
Knowledge of vermicomposting technology by farmers of Gulbarga district in Karnataka
A. S. Shridevi and S. N. Hanchinal
Genetic analysis for grain Yield, various Agro-morphological and some quality traits in Bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Vichitra Kumar Arya, Pradeep Kumar, Jogendra Singh, Lokendra Kumar, Anil Sirohi and Pooran Chand
Effect of foliar application of Boron and Molybdenum on growth, yield and economics of Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) cv. Pusa Snowball K-1 under Nimar Plains conditions of Madhya Pradesh
S. K. Tyagi, Nimisha Raj Jain and R. C. Jain
Fuzzy Majority Approach for modeling Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Daily Rainfall in Western Zone of Haryana
V. Bhushana Babu and B. K. Hooda
Quantile regression approach for the analysis of production function of foodgrain in India
Sunali Mahajan, Manish Sharma, S. E. H. Rizvi and Banti Kumar
Modelling and forecasting of Arhar production in India
K. P. Vishwajith, P. K. Sahu, P. Mishra, B. S. Dhekale and R. B. Singh
The Effect of Partial Replacement of Maize with Date Pits on Broiler Performance
Ali J. Hammod, Nihad A. Ali, Ali M. Alkassar and Yasser J. Jameel
Response of Broad Bean growth and early Yield exposure periods of Vernalization
Ridha Mustafa AL-Ubaidy and Mohammed Mahmood Mohammed
Effect of using different concentrations of the aqueous extract of Thymus leaves on some Physiological, Histological and Immunological Traits of Broiler Chicks
Jassim K. Menati, Nihad A. Ali, Hassan S. Abidelhuseen and Yasser J. Jameel
Extraction and estimation of some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from some vegetable oils
Luma Abdalalah Sagban Alabadi, Faiq F. Karam, Haider A. Ghazi, Rokaya H. Kamel, Nizar K. Abdul Awfi and Banin D. Shalakaa
Studying Urban Sprawl by using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), in Babylon Governorate, Iraq
Suhad M. Al-Hedny, Hasan S.A. Karkoosh and Qassim A. Talib
The role of Irrigation Management Processes and Micronutrient Fertilization on Parameter of Growth and Yield of two Wheat Varieties
Hadeel abdul Razzak, Alaa Salih Ati and Abdual Kareem Hassan
Study physiology of roots growth for Soybean by WinRhizo pro-software with Vam3 genes
Wisam Adnan Radhi Aljuaifari, Fadhal A. Al-fadhal, Jamal Hussein Kadum and Wurood Hasan HadiAL-Ali
The geographical potential of agricultural investment in the southern plateau of Iraq west of the Slibat low
Raheem Hameed Al-abdan, Abd Elrazag Khayoun Al-mehamed and Abdulaali habeeb
Response of growth and yield of Zea maize for foliar spraying with humic acid
N. H. Zeboon
Adoption of carrot washing machine : A sociological study among carrot growers in Hisar district of Haryana
Jatesh Kathpalia, Subhash Chander and D. K. Sharma
Cultivation and economics of Euryale ferox Salisb. for subsistence and commercialization
Helen Soibam and Victor Singh Ayam
Influence of Technology adoption on yield and income of Farmers in Dryland Agriculture of Andhra Pradesh
K. Suseela and M. Chandrasekaran
The Technique of Multistage Partitioned ranked set sampling for estimation of the Population mean
K. B. Panda and M. Samantaray
An analysis on reporting of Antenatal, Natal and Postnatal Care in Lucknow district based on Health Management Information System (HMIS) data
Ashok Kumar, Rajiv Saksena and Shambhavi Mishra
Content Analysis of the Extension Pamphlets Issued by the Office of Extension and Agricultural Training for the period from 2012-2016
Ashwaq Al-Naji* and Jomana Kays
The Impact of the fluctuations of some elements of Fiscal policy and Monetary Inflation Rates in the Iraqi Economy for the Period (1990-2017)
Marwa N. Abd, Mohammed K. Mohammed and Wathiq A. Abdulla
Economical analysis of some effective factors on farm size (Vicia Faba AS A Case Study) for the Agricultural season of 2017
O.K. Al-Hamadani and A.S. Al-Hani
Effect of Spraying Boron, Sorbitol and Mannitol on growth and Nutritive value fruits and seed production of Pepper cv. California Wonder
M.F. Moslem and I.J. Abdul Rasool
Phytochemical screening, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory and Antitumor activity of extract of Grape Juice wastes (Vitisvinifera L.)
Ruaa Jasim Kadim and Nidhal Mohammed Salih
Effect of NPK and Organic fertilization and Iron and Zinc paper spraying based on Nanotechnology and normal methods in the growth and yield of Solanum tuberosum L.
Mahmood N. Hussein AL-Yasari and Munther M. Taj Aldin Al-Hilli
Effect of seed priming of organic, biochemical and mineral fertilizers on seed vigor of Sorghum
Adawia S. Mustafa and Sadam H. Cheyed
Effect of splitting foliar application on mother plant and direct seed Priming with biochemical, organic and mineral fertilizers on field emergence of Sorghum
A. S. M. Alrawi and S. H. Cheyed
Genotype by Environment Interaction and stability for Grain yield in maize (zea mays L.)
Riyadh Jabbar Mansour Al –Malki
Effect of Mineral and Organic fertilization and spraying of Humic acid on growth and yield of Maize (Zea mays L. )
Waldan Ali Abd Al Ameer and Bushra Mahmood Alwan
Parasitoids of the sunn pest Eurygaster spp (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae) and their potential biological control in Diyala governorate, Iraq
L.M. Shblawy, and R.S. AL-Jorany
Effect of spraying Kinetin and Licrorice root extraction Wheat yield and its components
Suhad M.A. Safi and Ammar J.A. AL-Faid
Population density of the peach fruit fly Bactrocera zonata (Diptera: Tephritidae) and some plant species that infect it
Rady F. Al-Jassany and Ali H. Abu Raghef
The effect of Soil acidification in the availability of Phosphor on Growth of Cucumber Cucumis sativus L. Crop
Yousif Ahmad Mahmood AL-Aloosy, Ali Jasim Hadi AL-Tameemi and Adnan Hameed Salman
Study the Impact of Plow and harrow type on some technical- economical indicators of the machinery unit
Ali Mohammed Ali
Production of Potato under soilless culture
Ahmed H. Abd AL-Razaq*, Wafaa A. Hussien and Mohammed Mahmood Mohammed
Determination of Imidacloprid Pesticide Residues in Cucumber and Effect of Some Food Preparation Methods in Reducing Residues
Bahr Talal Saqer , Inas Mudhafar Al-Aubadi, Abdulkarim Jawad Ali
Cotton cultivars response to Mepiquat Chloride (PIX)
Ola Sami Hasab and Muwafaq A. Al-Naqeeb
Response of growth and yield of the three Bread wheat cultivars to applying yeast powder methods in different concentrations
Hayder Abid Al-Razzaq Baqir and Muwafaq A. S. Al-Naqeeb
A statistical trend analysis of Mango area, Production and Productivity in Andhra Pradesh
B. Ramana Murthy and O. Hari Babu
Effect of growing Media, Nutrient solution and control of flowering on the productivity of the Cucumber cultivated by the soilness culture
A. A. Obaid and K. D. Hassan
A general class of Estimators for Finite Population Mean Using Auxiliary Variable in Double Sampling
Sanjib Choudhury and B. K. Singh
Livestock revolution in India : Impacts on Small-scale producers
Sweta Gupta
A scale to Measure attitude of Farmers towards Bt Cotton
A.S. Shridevi and S.V. Halakatti
An Assessment of Growth and Potential of Self Help Group - Bank Linkage Programme in India
Tanushree Gupta and Udai Bhan Singh
Construction of Supersaturated Design based on Factorial design
S. Muthu Lakshmi, A. Rajarathinam and D. K. Ghosh
New Generalized Predictive Estimator of Population Mean
S.K. Yadav, S.S. Mishra, P.P. Mishra and R.S. Singh
A Study of Impulsivity in different Product categories amongst Rural Consumers in Uttarakhand
Ambica Prakash Mani and V.M.Tripathi
Identification of components influencing growth and instability in production of spices in India
L.K. Adarsha, P. Dinesh Kumar and A. Pouchepparadjou
Determination of cropping pattern for small farmers of Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh
Bhawana Matsyapal, M.L. Lakhera and H. Pathak
Forecasting of Arrivals and prices Chickpea in Chhattisgarh
Akhilesh Kumar Gupta, V. Srinivasa Rao and Akhilesh Kumar Singh
Effect of nitrogen fixing paenibacillus sp. isolates on Growth, yield and nutrient uptake on maize in calcareous soil
K.N. Basavesha and V. P. Savalgi
Calibration based Ratio Type Estimation of Mean in Stratified sampling
Nidhi, B. V. S. Sisodia, S. P. Singh and Sunil Kumar
Crisp and Fuzzy EOQ model for perishable items with ramp type demand under shortages
Anu Sayal, A. P. Singh and Deepak Aggarwal
Towards a New Generation of Agricultural System Data, Models for Sugarcane based Integrated Farming System of Western Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh
Sunil Kumar, M. Shamim, A.S. Panwar, R.K. Naresh, Devraj Mishra, Poonam Kashyap, Vipin Choudhary, P.C. Ghasal, Jairam Chaudhary, L.K. Meena and A.L. Meena
New efficient class of estimators for the population variance
Dharmendra Kumar Yadav, Lakhan Singh and Subhash Kumar Yadav
Construction of Partially Balanced Residual Treatment Effects Designs for Comparing Test Treatment with a Control
Swati Raj, D. K. Ghosh and Jagdish Prasad

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