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Volume No. : 19 (2019)
Issue No. : Supp-01 ( August )
Table Of Contents

Page No.
Table of Contents – 19 #Supp#01
BCA : V.19 Supp#01
Evaluation of synergistic effect of cell-free supernatant of Lactobacillus acidophilus strain and ciprofloxacin on gene expression of enterotoxin H of Staphylococcus aureus isolate
Manal Salman Mohammed and May Talib Flayyih
Correlation of Alurepeat I/D, TPA-gene polymorphism in women polycystic ovary syndrome and UTI
Zeana Shaker Al-Hindi
Study on some physiological, biochemical and hormonal parameters of seminal fluid of infertile men
Harith A. Mustafa, Hala H. Majid, Abeer T. Abdulqader, Mohammed A. Mustafa and Abdulrahman A. Salih
Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles by using local Esherichia coli strain
Lubna Abdulazeem and Frial G. Abd
Vitamin-D and interleukin-25 levels versus disease markers in allergic asthma patients besides seasonal distributions of 20 aeroallergens
Aliaa J. Qasim, Ikbal Kh. Al Joofy and Suaad A. Brakhas
Gene expression of MIR-7 in local isolates of Staphylococcus aureus
Ahmed A. Mhawesh, Hasan Abdulhadi Hussein and Muhanad Najm Abdullah
Study of FNDC5 gene polymorphism Rs3480 and RS16835198 with obese patients and sport individual in Iraqi populations
Rahman S. Zabibah, Hanaa Addai Ali and Salwa Jaber Al-Awadi
Association of parvovirus B19 infection with anemia in lymphoma patients
Mohanad Dhuyool Qasim and Saif Jabbar Yasir
Effect of HPV infection on the expression of fibronectin in a group of Iraqi women with cervical carcinoma
Basim M. Khashman, Kawakeb N. Abdulla, Layla Fuad Ali and Saba J. Alhashimi
The diagnostic validity of P16INK4A for cervical carcinoma in a group of Iraqi women infected with HPV
Basim M. Khashman, Kawakeb N. Abdulla, Suhad K. Karim and Saba J. Alhashimi
Effect of folic acid and cobalt on physiological and biochemical blood traits of Awassi ewes and their newborn lambs
Alyaa S. K. Al-Shammari, Ali H. M. Rabeea and Ali D. M. Al–Hashimi
Hepatitis B and renal function of patients with chronic hepatitis B in Fallujah district, Iraq
Wahran Monam Saod, Tahseen Ali Zaidan and Abdul Wahab Abdul Razzak Alfaluji
Recording of four Myxobolus bütschli, 1882 species (Myxozoa : Myxosporea) for the first time in Iraq from the gills of cyprinid fish, Carasobarbus luteus (Heckel, 1843)
Reem Sajid Hameed and Kefah Naser Abdul-Ameer
Effect of using different level of water hayicinth (Einhhornia crassipes) herb powder in villa of ileum intestine of rat
Karrar Abbas Tikki, Ali Abdul Razak Al-Saeegh, Ameer Sadeq Al-Ethari and Muhamed Rutha Al-Sharife
Significant correlation between IL-18 and complement component C3 in chronic renal failure patients infected with Escherichia coli
Ahlam A. Hassan, Najdat B. Mahdi and Sahla K. Abbas
Seroprevalence of hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses among blood donors in Al-Najaf province, Iraq
Jafar K. Al-Mousawi, Ameer Mohamed Hassan and Haider Abd Al Abass
Correlation between Epstein Barr virus LMP and rheumatoid arthritis patients
Huda Salman Marzoq and Saif Jabbar Yaser
Investigation of MICRO RNA gene polymorphism (rs11614913) in patients with type 2 diabetes in Najaf city
Zahraa Isam Jameel, Zahraa Kamil Kadhim Lawi and Nawfal Hussein Al-Dujaili
External morphology study of female genus Hauptidia Dworaowska, 1970 of sub-family typhlocybinae Kirschbaum, 1868, order hemiptera collected from Al-Kafal area in Babylon, Iraq
Rawa’ J. H. Al-Kaissy
A first record of Cormocephalus nigrificatus Verhoff, 1937 Scolopendridae-Scolopendromorpha-Chilopada in Baghdad, Iraq
Hayder Wahhab Azooz and Maysaloon Lafta Al-Doori
Efficacy of bay laurel, Laurus nobilis as feed additives on growth performance and digestive enzymes of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Saif Wadah Al Harbi and Jamal K. Al-Faragi
Molecular identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from clinical sample
Hayfaa Mahmood Fahad, Samer Faisal Taha and Ahmed Hilal Kamel
Taxonomic study of the species Porcellio scaber (Porcellionidae : Onicidea, Isopoda, Crustacea) in Baghdad
Talal Aboud and Maysaloon Lafta Al-Doori
The use of ANA antibody in the diagnosis of Leishmania
Ouhood Mozahim Shakir and Maysoon Mustapha Jasim
Exploring the correlation of Catsper single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPS) and gene expression of asthenozoospermic infertile men
Farah Thamer Abdullah, Saad S. Al-Dujaily, Abdul Kareem A. Alkazaz and Ammar M. Qassim
Foliar boron and zinc application increase growth of chickpea, Cicer arietinum
Suad Abd Said AL-Jalaly
Improved production of vitamin B12 from B. megaterium using agricultural and animal wastes
Frah Razzaq Kbyeh, Faiq Hassan Ali and Malek Hubaish Walli
A first record of Eobania vermiculata (O. F. Müller, 1774), terrestrial snail (Gastropoda-Helicidae) from Baghdad, Iraq
Nibrass Lafta Al-Doori
Serum levels of vitamin A and D3 in asthmatic children
Seham A. Muhsen, Hassan H. AL-Saeed and Areej Abdul-Abass Al-Omrani
Serum leptin concentration in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patient with or without diabetes
Ola F. Al-Salmani, Raid J. M. AL-Timimi, Fadhil A. Al Abbudi, Qasim S. Al-Mayah and Basim A. Asker
Effect of heating temperatures and pH on interactions between goat milk proteins
Awen I. Mohammed, Jasim M. S. Al-Saadi and Hilton C. Deeth
Superoxide dismutase and glutathione S transferase enzymes levels in diabetic Iraqi acromegalic patients
Areej Sh. Hameed, Fayhaa M. Khaleel and Abbas M. Rahma
Effect of whey protein concentrate on the chemical, rheological and sensory properties of processed cheese manufactured from Iraqi soft cheese
Dhia Ibrahim Jerro Al-Bedrani, Jasim M. S. Al-Saadi and Dhia Hattif Kadhim
The effect of long shelf life of some dairy products in local market in its quality
Mahmud Abdullah Jasim Alkhafaji and Sudad Jasim Mohammed
Association of tumor suppressor gene CHEK2 1100delC mutation with breast cancer in Iraqi women
AL-Shimaysawee Sadeq, Ghufran Mohammed Hussein and Ola Sadeq AL-Shimaysawee
Alterations in some hematological and biochemical markers of Iraqi Arabian mares exposed to stress in peripartum periods
Masar Saeb Kadhim, Kamal Gahzi Ganim, Samer Nadhim Abed and Sameer Sabri Kadhim
Accurate detection of Pseudomons aeruginosa by using specific genes
Asmaa M. Salih Almohaidi and Sana M. H. AL-Shimmary
Study of some immunological manifestations in patients with Leishmania tropica and the effect of Achillea fragrantissima and Capsella bursa-pastoris plant extracts on the speed of the healing of experimentally infected balb / c mice
Ashwaq Talib Hameed, Abdulwahab Bedewi Hussein and Shaymaa Shihab Abdullah
Effect of some biochemical variance on celiac disorder patients
Nadia H. Kadhum, Ahmed J. Abbas and Safaa H. Abbas
Interleukin 6 serum level and gene polymorphism (IL-6-174 G/C) in chronic renal failure Iraqi patients at Diyala province
Muthanna A. K. Saleh Al-Mahdawi, Fatima Ismail Bdrany and Mohammed Abdul Daim Saleh
Progesterone injection during gestational period cause histopathological changes in fetus brain of mice
Rana R. Al-Saadi, Ban ThabitAl-Ani, Wathiq Q. Shakir and Hikmat Fakhri Wassef
Detection of toxoplasmosis among women with recent abortion in Baghdad city
Eman Abid Fahad Al-Hasnawi, Eman Khudaier and Iqbal Abid Fahad Al-Hasnawi
Histomorphological study of the ovaries of the sand cat (Felis margarita)
Fatimah Swadi Zghair, Rabab abd Alameer Nasser and Abdulrazzaq Baqer Kadhim
Evaluation of hematopoiesis changes (Markers and cells) in domestic rabbit by ovariectomy
Mohammed E. Mansur and Dhefaf Hameed AL-Mudhafar
Three new records of Myxobolus bütschli, 1882 species (Myxozoa : Myxosporea) in Iraq from the cells of cyprinid fish, Arabibarbus grypus
Jabbar Ashour Abbas and Kefah Naser Abdul-Ameer
Partial purification and characterization of particulate 5'-AMP nucleotidase of Dirofilaria immitis
Zainab H. Fadhil, Omer M. Ali and Husain F. Hassan
Virulence patterns of Serratia marcescens isolates from human blood
Zahraa Kareem Salim and Layla Abdul-Hamid Said
Association of EBV infection with multiple myeloma in Baghdad city
Sadeq K. Hachim, Aesha S. Ali and Mohammed R. Ali
A comparative study of the blood film (Histological structure of red blood cells and white blood cells and their count) in laboratory animals
Idress K. Thamer, Khulood N. Rasheed, Ayad Hameed Ebraheem and Bader Khatlan Hameed
Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice towards hepatitis C among students of secondary schools in Baquba district, Diyala province, Iraq
Iman Abbas Ali, Ibtihal Hameed Mohsin and Lina Abaulameer S. Alsaadi
The efficacy of gold nanoparticles in inhibiting the toxic effect of tamoxifen on the kidney of male albino mice
Arkan Kareem Buraihi, Amal Khudair Abbas, Zainab J. Shanan and Bassam K. Abdul Amir
Molecular identification and the first record of Prototheca species from human protothecosis in Iraq
Manar R. Shanon, Hussein J. Hussein and Ali H. Al-Marzoqi
New plasmid mediated quinolone resistance gene (QNRC) found in Proteus mirabilis
Manar Kareem Alquraishy, Oday Mitib Hadi and Ahmed Adnan Al-Khafagi
Biochemical and physiological changes of soybean seed (Glycine max L. Merr.) under different harvest stages
Imad M. Ali, Hadeel Sabbar Hamad, R. Nulit and Usama H. Mheidi
The interaction effect of gamma ray and exogenous salicylic acid on antioxidant enzymes activity in safflower, Carthamas tinctorius L.
Asaad Kadhim Abdullah
Evaluation of interleukin-4, interleukin8 serum levels and anthropometric measurements in Iraqi atherosclerosis patients
Shakir F. T. Alaaraji and Hana,a A. A. Al-Sultani
Evaluation of the lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Misan province
Hussein Humedy Chlib Al-Kaaby and Zainab A. J. R. AL-Ali
New biochemical and molecular detection methods for b-thalassemia
Khawla A. Shemran
The correlation between sera resistin and insulin resistance in Iraqi women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Suhayr A. Alqaysi, Zinah Abbass Ali and Khawla A. Shemran
Biosynthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles by Lactobacillus casei
Zaman Salman and Wejdan R. Taj Al-Deen
Investigation of melatonin levels in human blood and plant
Hanaa Enaya Mahood and Huda E. Mahood
The fish community and food habits of fish species in Hawr Ad Dalmaj Marsh
Kadhim J. L. Al-Zaidy, Giuliana Parisi and M. J. Y. Al-Amari
Effect of dry yeast and licorice spray on growth and yield of local cultivar mung bean
Adil H. Abdulkafoor, Fadhil H. Mukhlif, Hadeel Sabbar Hamad, Imad M. Ali and Usama H. Mheidi
Synthesis, spectroscopic study and biological activity for Pd (II) complexes from mixed ligands
Muhammed N. Tawfeeq, Mohammed A. Awad and Sattar R. Majeed
Changes in hematological and biochemical parameters in patient children with b-thalassemia major in Al-Kut city, Iraq
Tayseer Shamran Al-Deresawi
Hematological characteristics and biochemical status of beta-thalassemia major patients in Kerbala Holy city
Hussein Hazim Al-Ghanimi, Zeyad Swadi Obead AL-Essawi, Taha Hamzah AL-Nasrawi, Sabreen Hassan Howaidy, Hussein Mahdi Kadhim and ReadA.Al-Mihyawi
Some aspects of the biology of Planiliza abu Heckel, 1843 from Hawr Ad Dalmaj Marsh
Kadhim J. L. Al-Zaidy, Giuliana Parisi and S. A. Al-Shawi
Isolation and identification of gram negative bacteria from necrotic root canals by culture and multiplex PCR
Asmaa Mohammed Saud, Ruaa Hameed Abdulridha and Wasan Wael Mohammed
New record of six species of genus, Agrotis Ochsenheimer 1816 (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae : Noctuinae) in Baghdad, Iraq
Hussein Kattan Mohammed and Awatif Abdul-Fatah hamodi
Estimation of white blood cells, hemoglobin and copper levels in bakery workers
Mohammed Khattab Omar Al-Samarrai, Marwan Q. AL-Samarraie and Umer Abdullah Ahmed Alelyan
Study the absorption of some nutrients by an algae, Chlorella vulgaris in the presence of heavy metals
Ahmed Shaker Al-Ashoor
Antiviral activity of Allium sativum and Glycyrrhiza glabra extract on Adenovirus infectivity in vitro
Zeina Ali Hussain, Ghanim Aboud Jaber Al-Mola and Salah Ali Edan
Effect of ozonated water on hematological, immunological and survival rate in common carp, Cyprinus carpio L. infected with Flavbacterium columnare
Noor Alhuda M. Aziz and Sana’a A. Mustafa
Study of some biochemical parameter, hepcidin hormone and interlukin6 in hepatitis C patient in Wasit province
Kadhum J. Gattia, Saja A. Abdulsadah and Suhad F. Hasson
Determination of scorpion venom LD50 of four species in Khuzestan province (Southwest of Iran)
Babak Vazirianzadeh, Ismaeil Alizadeh, Ahmad Taghavi Moghadam and Mahmood Rahdar
Effect of nixtamalization on physical, functional and nutritional properties of biofortified maize (QPM)
Vandana and Sarita Srivastava
Role of some antioxidant enzymes and vitamin E in ovarian cancer
Reyam M. Abed and Firas A. Hassan
Clinical and biochemical association between serum and urine level of the uromodulin protein with albuminuria in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus
Azher Abdulmutalib Ibrahim, Rayah Sulaiman Baban and Mahmood Shakir Khudair
Phenotypic and molecular detection of Escherichia coli efflux pumps from UTI patients
Zahraa Hamid Alwan Al-Saadi and Rana Mujahid Abdullah
Combination of albendazole and cisplatin augments cancer cells killing in vitro
Muthana Ibrahim Maleek
Effects of EM-radiation emit of mobile phone on integumentary system in laboratory rabbits
Marwa Rahman Mohammed Al-Saedi and Jabbar Abadi Mohammed
Effect of different level of sulfur on availability of soil nutrient and yield of wheat
Ali Karim Sarbout, Nabil Raheem Lahmod and Majid Hanoon Sharhan
Evaluation of primary implants stability in immediate and delayed treatment protocols according to bone density, jaws, gender and age utilizing Periotest M device
Shahad A. Mezher AL-Obaidy, Maha A. Ahmed, Saif S. Saliem, Thair A. Hassan, Hassanien A. Al-Jumaily and Ghada M. Mustafa
Study on relation of MYH9 rs3752462 polymorphism with renal failure disease
Seenaa Badr Mohammed
Association of testes histological changes with FSH and TSH hormones levels in Fundulus heteroclitus from the Great Bay, U.S.A
Ekhlas Abd Hamza Alalwany
Efficacy of fungi and bacteria against termites : A mini review
Nisreen Sabti Mohammed Ali, Zaid Naji Hassen and Maan Abdul Azeez Shafeeq Al Salihi
Annual presentation of Phlebotomus papatasi and the incidence of Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Thi-Qar Governorate
Sadek J. T. Zahraa Sadoon Hadi and Muna Abd Al-Wahed Banian
Study on activated amygdalin and amygdalin as silver nanoparticle compound and excremental this compounds on different cancer cell line
Waseem Yousif M. AL-dulaimy and Nijoud Faisal Yousif AL-Saarag
Association of transforming growth factor beta 1(TGF-b1) gene polymorphism with chronic periodontitis
Mustafa M. Hassan, Baha H. Alamid, Zainab M. Hameed and Haydar O. Hashim
Study of oxidative stress in aborted women with cytomegalovirus
Noor Allah M. Jabar, Raid M. H. Al-Salih and Alaa H. Al-Naser
Potential effect of green zinc oxide nanoparticles in treatment of kidney lesions that induced by Burkholderia mallei in albino male rats
Ahmed Hamad Saleh
The effect of adding date syrup (dibis) to the milk prepared for yogurt production on the chemical, rheological and sensory characteristics
Dhia I. J. Al-Bedrani, Hayder N. Salman and Abdali Altaee
Comparative study of new rice genotypes (Oryza sativa L.) introduced in middle of Iraq
Balqees H. AL-Musawi and Mohammed A. AL-Anbari
Effect of curcumin as antioxidant on DNA damage and histopathological changes in Cyprinus carpio L. exposure to cadmium chloride
Alaa Fadhil Kareem and Jamal K. Al-Faragi
Evaluation effectiveness of fluconazole and Mirabilis jalapa extract against some pathological fungi
Rifaa Ali, Zakaria Hassan Hameed, Anaam Fuad Hussain and Ali Hamu
Determination of lethal concentration (LD50 and LC50) of imidacloprid for the adult Musca domestica
Tamara Issam Hussain, Maan Abdul Azeez Shafeeq and Ahmed Naji Abd
Genotypes of several Escherichia coli isolates for pollution evaluation
Mona N. Al-Terehi, Raad N. Hasan and Zahraa H. AL-Qaim
Relationship between cystatin C and albuminuria in Najaf province diabetes mellitus type 2 patients
Haider Annon Mohammed and Ibtisam Faris Mohammed
Investigation of catalase gene polymorphisms in patients with thalassima In Hilla city
Zinah Hadi Skakir, Zahraa Kamil Kadhim Lawi and Ghaidaa Raheem Lateef
Assessment of breast cancer tissue microenvironment for human cytomegalovirus infection and CD4- and CD8- positive tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
Ausama Abed-Alkadum Alajeely, Aqeel Shakir Mahmood, Jabbar R. Zangor and Saad Hasan Mohammed Ali
Menstrual cycle informations sources among secondary girls schools’ students in Al-Nasiriya
Muntherkamil, Amer Muhasin Naser and Sarah T. Kadhim
Adverse effect of monosodium glutamate on hematological and biochemical parameters and the vital role of vitamin C in the male white rats
Afyaa Sabah Nasir
Comparative effects of Lepidium sativum seeds as feed additives to oxytetracycline on broilers
Firas Hussain AL-Bawi, Jawad Kadhim Faris, Mays U. Hashim, Audai Sulaiman Khudhair, Mozhir Kadhum Kuaiber and Yahia Merie Jasim
Effect of aqueous extract of grape seeds on the certain biochemical parameters in female mice with hyperproteinemia induction
Mohammed H. Mahal, Ammar L. Hussein, Humam E. Mohammed, Huda A. Thamer and Marwan Q. AL-Samarraie
Additional information about hemipteran guild which stored in the Iraq natural history museum
Nassreen N. Mzhr and Razzaq Shalan Augul
Phenotype and molecular study for some bacterial isolates which isolated from diarrhea patients in Ramadi city
Zena Ahmed Ali, Muthana Badeea Farhan and Harithkamil Buniya
Histopathological study of endometrial samples in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
Ilham Abd Allah Ali Al-Saleem, Noor Ghanem and Iqbal Ahmed Fatihi
Effect of indomethacin on histological structure of liver in male albino rats
Zahraa Kareem Al-Mayali, Haider Salih Jaffat and Jabbar abadi Mohammed
Isolation and purification of lactoferrin protein from goats’ colostrum and its determination using high pressure liquid chromatography and study its inhibitory effect on some pathogenic bacteria
Zainab H. Abbas, Jasim M. Awada, Estabr M. Alreda and Ayman J. Mahdi
Effect of salt stress on some callus characteristic of Coriandrum sativum L. in vitro
Shurooq Falah Hasan, Muhson Chillab Abbas and Fadel Kadhim Kareem
Effects of Bioethanol produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae from some legumes residues on some pathogenic bacteria
Basam Basim Mohammed, Wissam Adnan Dari and Yusra M. B. Mohsin
Influence of oats on the complete denture retention
Alia Mahmood Alwan
Histomorphological study of the ovaries of the sand cat (Felis margarita)
Fatimah Swadi Zghair, Rabab Abd Alameer Nasser and Abdulrazzaq Baqer Kadhim
Alterations in some hematological and biochemical markers of Iraqi Arabian mares exposed to stress in peripartum periods
Masar Saeb Kadhim, Kamal Gahzi Ganim, Samer Nadhim Abed and Sameer Sabri Kadhim
Comparative genomic study between E. coli isolated from UTI and renal failure patients
Mona N. Al-Terehi
Role of some biochemical changes in the prognosis of autoimmune thyroid disease
Nadya Ghassan Abdul Kareem
Progesterone injection during gestational period cause histopathological changes in fetus brain of mice
Rana R. Al-Saadi, Ban Thabit Al-Ani, Wathiq Q. Shakir and Hikmat Fakhri Wassef
Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice towards hepatitis C among students of secondary schools in Baquba district, Diyala province, Iraq, 2015
Iman Abbas Ali, Ibtihal Hameed Mohsin and Lina Abaulameer S. Alsaadi
Molecular study on investigating the role of leptin in male infertility
Yaqoob Y. Ismail, Batool A. Al-Haidary and Qays A. M. Al-Khafaji
Determination of vitamin C in juices available in local markets using HPLC technology
Aliaa, S. Al-Faraji, Hamdia M. Al-Hamdani and J. H. Huda
Effect of vitamin C and vitamin E on oxidative stress and lipid profile changes induce d by vancomycin in male rats
Shaymaa J. Shamran and Haider S. Jaffat
Hepatitis B and renal function of patients with chronic hepatitis B in Fallujah district, Iraq
Wahran Monam Saod, Tahseen Ali Zaidan and Abdul Wahab Abdul Razzak Alfaluji
Detection of toxoplasmosis among women with recent abortion in Baghdad city
Eman Abid Fahad Al-Hasnawi, Eman Khudaier and Iqbal Abid Fahad Al-Hasnawi
Study of beta-thalassemia major in children and their correlation with some minerals, hematological and chemical parameters in Babylon and Al-Najaf provinces
Wijdan Kamal Shalan Alqaraawy, Abdul Hadi Salal, Zainab Sajid Mohammed, Methak Abd Al-Razak and Hasanain Jalil Kadhim
Myeloperoxidase and gamma-glutamyl transferase as oxidative stress marker Sera of myocardial infarction patient
Nada N Ahmed, Dhia H. Hussain and Sura A. Abdulsattar
Effect of purified goat milk lactoferrin on cancer cell growth (AMN-3) in vitro
Zainab H. Abbas, Kifah S. Doosh and Nahi Y. Yaseen
Evaluation of antioxidant, cytotoxicity and apoptosis of alkaloid extracts of Equisetum arvense plant on cancer cell lines
Abeer Habeb Ahmed, Ibrahim Hade Mohammed, Amer Talib Tawfeeq and Zena Taha Abud
Effect of essential oil extracted from the peels of Citrus paradisi and Citrus sinensis on some fungi
Thamer A. A. Muhsen
Study of some histochemical features for red muscles skeletal in two local Iraqi fishes, Bunni fish, Mesopotamichthyes sharpeyi (Gunther, 1874) and Himri fish, Carabarbus luteus (Heckel, 1843)
Akeil Jameil Mansour and Mohammed W. H. AL-Muhanna
Estimation of heterosis and combining ability for yield and its components of wheat
M. A. Salam, H. J. Hammadi and M. R. Azzam
Detection of toxoplasmosis in aborted Iraqi women with congenital malformations birth
Shatha Z. Majeed, Zaynab Kh. Rasheed and Maysara S. Khalaf
Histo-morphometric comparsion of the caecal wall in African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) and black francolin (Francolinus) in South Iraq
Eyhab R. AL-Samawy, Hekmat B. Alhmadi, Ihab A. Taher and Israa Jawad
Periodontitis and gingivitis associated with Entamoeba gingivalis and Trichomonas tenax
Amany M. AL-Kaysi, Rabia Ali Aboud and Amaal K. Al-Saadi
Prevalence of Mycobacterium bovis in feces of zoo animals
Aseel Mohammed Hamzah
Effect of copper iodide nanoparticles on thyroid gland hormones
Ruqayah A. Ulwali, Nada K. Abass, Mouruj A. Alaubydi and Amal K. Abass
Impact of the negative relationship between isolated bacteria from the left and right wing of the Musca domestica fly
Nebras Mohammed Sahi
Assessment leve of TSH, T4, T3 and testosterone in Iraqi depressed women with chronic toxoplasmosis infection
Mahamahmood Shaker, Sabah A. Hamied A. Rahman and Hazimamossa AL-Abassi
Secondary mixed cryoglobulinemia among chronic ginginvitis patients
Baha Hamdi Hakim Al-Amiedi
Detection of FOXM1 expression and strands breaks levels as a marker of oxidative DNA damage in individual sex posed to low dose of ionizing radiation
Rafed Abbas Kadhum and Wathiq Abbas Aldrghi
Level of some cytokines and immunoglobulins in patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Governorate of Al-Najaf
Wijdan Mohmmed Hussein and Jameel Jerri Yousif
Screening and extraction of peroxidase enzyme from different plant wastes
Thikra Hasan Mathkor, Hathama Razooki Hasan and Zainab Maki Daham
Effect of organic residues of cows and organic acids on the readiness of some micronutrients in the soil
Ahmed R. Alani, Huthaifa J. Mohammed and Mustafa R. Al-Shaheen
Effect of phosphate bio fertilizers on increasing the efficiency of the use of phosphate mineral fertilizers and its effect on some growth properties of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica)
Abbas Ali Alamery, Sabreen Mohammed Lateef, Ahmed Najm Almosawy, Mohamed Hadi Alhassaany and Muntather Mohammed Almosawy
Immunological and molecular detection of HBV and HCV in Iraq
Tareq Jafaar Al-Jandeel, Adian Abd Alrazak Dakl and Wafaa Ayad Al-Nuaimy
Frequency of Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
Rana S. Nasir, Khansaa B. Fadhil and Amal A. Kareem
Relationship of sex and age with the salivary and dental plaque microbial composition in healthy adult
Hadeel Mizher Younis
A comparative study of amino acids in stomach regions of Felis catus (Domestic cat) and Sciurus carolinesis (Eastern gray squirrel)
Ashwaq Ahmed Hussien and Wijdan Basher Abed
Shot course treatment and some hormonal and biochemical changes in tuberculosis patient
Kadhem Mohammad Sabae

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