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Volume No. : 19 (2019)
Issue No. : 02 ( October )
Table Of Contents

Page No.
Table of Contents – 19#02
BCA : V.19#02
Screening for hypothyroidism in children with nephrotic syndrome
Faliha Obaid Hassan, Shan F. Nooruldeen, Shatha Hussain Ali and Ghada Faik
Effect of total replacement of raw and fermented wheat instead of the maize in laying hens diets on specific characteristics of eggs and histological characteristics of small intestine
Riyadh W. A. Alkhuzaae and Hisham A. S. Almashhadani
Evaluation of bano fertilizer and abstract of organic matter and method of application on availability and uptake of some elements and growth and yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L )
Raheem A.H. Jassim, Hanoon N. Kadhem and Jabir J. Alardy
Effect of probiotic and humic acid addition on physiology and immunity traits of broiler chicks
Ali J. Hammod, Aqeel Y. Alshukri and Ammar H. Areaaer
Effect of feed limestone relief early age in productive and immune traits of the broiler
Ibrahim F B, Al-Zamili, Saad A A Al-Airdy and Abbas S H Al-Machi
Estimation of genetic variability and breeding values, the effect of substitution of alleles and the average effect of CAST gene in some characteristics of goat carcasses
Abdullah Hameed Salim, Riyadh Hamad Senkal and Ahmed Ali Athab
Reduction of acrylamide content of bread by some herbs and plants
Makarim A. Mousa, Nahla T. Khalid and Ezuldeen K. Hamood
Egg quality of hen affected by different levels of quercetin
Ali R. Abid and Suad K. Ahmed
Serological and epidemiological study of Toxoplasmagondii infection among type2 diabetes mellitus in Thi-Qar province
Nadia Ahmed Hadi Al-Ubaydi, Fadhil Abbas Manshad AL-Abady and Ali Naeem Salman
Serum secretory sphingomyelinase activity increased in association with Anti-Citrullinated peptide antibody in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Abbas Mohammed Hashim AL-Shammari, Mohammed Abdulateef Mohammed Ali and Abbas Toma Joda
Study of some pathogenesis aspects in puppies after experimental infection of puppies with Giardia duodenalis
Hisham A. Swadi and Mohammad M. Zenad
Impact of different levels of Nigella sativa granules on production, liver enzymes and hormonal characteristics of broiler chickens
Saad G. Hussein, Mohammed M. Atta and Haider Q. Baker
Comparative study of blood pressure between local breed and different breed of dogs in Iraq
Karrar Jasim Hamzah, Alaa Kamil Mahmood and Ali Hamid Mohammed Hussein
Antimicrobial activity of whey protein isolate coating incorporated with partially purified duck egg white lysozyme and Na2-EDTA and its use in chicken breast fillets preservation
Sawsan Mustafa Abdul-Rahman
Efficacy of pomegranate peel (Punica granatum) extract on gastric ulceration induced experimental rats
Fatima Aziz Mahdi Al-badry
Effect of ascorbic acid and nicotine amid spraying and their interaction in tomato growth and productivity
Bayan H. Majeed
Histological and biochemical changes in kidney of rats induced by Salvia officinalis L.
Hawraa H. Naji, Mays Uday Hashim, H. H. Nahi and M. D. Sabreen
Effect of seed alkaloids of Peganum harmala on histological and some blood parameters in male mice
Mustafa A KAl-Taie
Kinetic study of granzyme B in patients with chronic hepatitis type B
Hussein S. Alshamary, Raid J. M. AL-Timimi, Jalal A. Ali and Qasim S. Al-Mayah
The effect of adding different levels of green tea powder (Camellia sinensis) to the diet on productive performance for meat broilers
S. J. Hamody, A. A. Qassim and L. K. Bandar
Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using mints leaf extract and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity
Jasim Mohammed Awda
Soil pollution and health risk assessment at selected municipal solid waste disposal at Al-Qasim city, Iraq
Sundus Saleh Nehaba Al-Gubori
The role of interleukines- 6, 12 and tumor necrosis factor-alfa in the immune response to type 2 diabetic patients infected with toxoplasmosis
Nadia Ahmed Hadi Al-Ubaydi, Fadhil Abbas Manshad AL-Abady and Ali Naeem Salman
Association of MC4R gene polymorphisms with feed intake and body weight in local chicken
F. A. Mohammed, A. F. Alkhalisy and F. M. Hussein
Association of Spot 14 gene polymorphisms with feed intake and body weight in local chicken
F. A. Mohammed, A. F. Alkhalisy and F. M. Hussein
Isolation, identification and production of endoglucanase from Bacillus subtilis strains using carbon and nitrogen natural sources
Mohammed Ali Kassab and Rahman Laibi Chelab
Effect of feeding ratios and age on weight gain and final weight in pure and crossbred Awassi rams
Hadi A. H. AL- Brkat, Hasanain J. N. Alkenane, Ali A. Al-Saadoon and Ghassan S. D.
Toxic effects of Abrus precatorius extract on liver and kidney of albino mice
Mustafa A. K. Al-Taie
Gross and histological findings in gastric autopsies
Noora M. Kareem, Saad Kadhum Kareem, Fahem Muhsin Mahmood and Khalid Waleed Qassim
Pregnancy induced hypertension and its relation to vitamin D and aldosterone in Iraqi pregnant women
Waser Saad Khlaf and Mossa, M. Marbut
Effect of high temperature on some chemical and physiological characteristics of milk (cows, sheep, camels, buffalo) stored for five days
Qays Satwan Abass Abdullah and Kasim Sakran Abass
Use of some herbicides in controlling broad leaf weeds in wheat and the effect on the crop yield and growth
Nabeel Abdalla Al-Kaeath, Malik H. Karem and Mustafa A. Manshood
Effect of supplementing extender with melatonin on Iraqi native semen quality during cooling storage
Mohammed A. AL-Bayar, W. I. ALjugaifi, Ammar R. Mansoor, Omar M. Nassif and Moumen H. Atallah
Effect of the addition of Freeze-drying low-density lipoprotein to the Tris dilution on some of the Holstein’s acrosome sperm traits after freezing for different durations
Ghassan S. Deharib and Hazim K. J. Al-Saab
Induced ash toxicity effects on the hematological and biochemical changes of Cyprinus carpio L. 1785
Noor A. Sh. Al-Naymi, Muhanned R. Nashaat and Ahmed J. Mohammed
Detection of trichothecene toxin by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and thin layer chromatography test (TLC) technology of grain contaminated with Fusarium graminearum fungi
Hebat-Alla A. A. Alhamdani, Mohammed Qais Al-Ani and Salah M. A. Al-Kubaisi
Effect of foliar application with auxin NAA and gibberllic acid in some flowering characteristics of four varieties of Dianthus caryophyllus L.
Uruk A. Yousuf and Abdulrahman A. Alsheikhly
Ecological and biologicalstudy of water hyacinth [Eichhornia crassipes (Martius) Solms-Laubach] in Abuzirk Marsh (southern Iraq)
Jameelah Wthaij Ogali Al-Yosef, Abdul-Rahman Abduljabbar Al-Kubasi and Ihsan Flayyih Hasan Al-Jawhari
Study on the effect of imidacloprid in blood, liver and kidney on adult male albino mice
Bahr Talal Saqer, Inas Mudhafar Al-aubadi and Abdulkarim Jawad Ali
Effects of different concentrations of selenium and cysteine on the thawing of frozen Awassi ram semen
Ahmed Younis Saieed, Nadia Abdul–Hadi Abdul–Ameer and Rabeea M. Mahmood
Effect of adding different levels of putercine to the diet in some of the qualitative traits for eggs of Japanese quails females
Joseph Abdul Kareem Hussein and Sunbul Jassim Hamodi
Antifungal activity of some medicinal plants silver nanoparticles against gray mold disease on tomato
Hamed N. Ghazal, Ayyad W. Al – Shahwany and Firas T. Al – Dulaimy
The effect of MgSO4 on behavior of the pathogenic fungus, Fusarium solani and the rate of seedlings damping off disease on sesame
Jamal H. Kadhim, Akeel E. Mohammed, Salwan Abd Alzahra Jabbar Allwbawi and Akram A. Mohammed
Molecular characterization of recombinant and non recombinant cotton varieties of commercial importance
Hala Jumaah Asree, Aysar Ihsan Falih, Dalya Salah Mahdi, Ahmed Adnan Kadhim AL-Maameri and Ahmed Ali Khirallah
Evaluation of phytochemicals and biological activity of Silybum marianum L.
Ahmed F. Al-Obaidi, Kareem Meayan Rabie and Omar H. Muslah Al-Mohammedi
Determining the relationship between soil test of the physiological units at Al-Wahda project of the NPK and the extent of the response of barley crop to fertilization
A.H.I. Al-Bayati, B. R. Sharheed and J.A.H. Al-Marawyi
Functional properties of chemically nodified camel milk whey proteins
Qausar Hamed ALKaisy and Jasim M. S. Al-Saadi
A re-saturation impact on soil retention curve for five different textured soils
Hassan Sattar Naji and Alaa Salih Ati
Cytotoxicity and antiviral activity of atorvastatin against newcastle disease virus in chicken embryos
Hayder Abd Al emeer Zballa Almremdhy and Emad Jawad Khamas
Effect of some plant powders on some aspects of the life performance of Callosobruchus maculatus Fab. (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae)
Amal Kamal Suleman
Investigation of phenolic compounds from the leaves of Cyperus rotundus and study of its antioxidant activity
Hasan Mohammed Hasan, Shaker Mahdi Saleh and Ayad Chacan Khorsheed
Evaluation of nested PCR for the diagnosis of Aspergillus rhinosinusitis in comparison with conventional methods
Hazim M. Hussein, Azhar A.F. Al-Attraqchi and Jaafer M.K. Al-Hassani
Effects of some chemicals and bio-products on black mold caused by Aspergillus niger and growth and yield component of grapevines under field condition
Haider A Al Issawi and Sabah L. Alwan
Effect of foliar spraying with zinc sulphate in the qualitative and production characteristics of two varieties of Cucurbita pepo L. planted under plastic houses
Haidar B. Mohammed and Ahlam A. Hussein
Effect of different levels of the humic and fulvic acids and NPK on the yield and yield components of the sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus L.)
Hayder Abdul Hussein, MohsinALmaghir, Shaimaa Ibraheem Al- Refai and Turki Meften Saad
Histopathological study of features invaded with hepatocellular carcinoma in liver parenchyma
Ameer Ridha Dirwal, Karrar Jasim Hamzah, Hamed A. Hasan Aljabory and Qassim Abbas Mohammed
Effect of storage duration and heat treating of eggs hatching broiler breed Ross 308 before or during the period of storage in the characteristics of quality chicks hatched
Ammar H. Areaaer and Basil M. Ibrahim
The histopathological changes of digoxin on mice vital organs
Farrah R. Jaafar, Nibras Zeyad Yahya and Anas A. Humadi
Molecular identification of Escherichia coli virulence gene
Nada Jasim AL-Karawi and Hiyame Abdul Ridha AL–Awade
Epidemiological analysis of 57 maxillofacial trauma cases
Muhanned Salah Abdulsattar, Raed H. Ogaili, Lames H. Almanseekanaa and Alaa Jasim Mohamed Ali
Isolation and Identification of enterotoxogenic Escherichia coli from buffalo suffering from watery diarrhea by using culturing and multiplex PCR assay in Al-Hindiya district, Iraq
Hayder Hamzah Ibrahim, Intisar Marzoog Hussein and Zainab Nasser Nabat
Epidemological study of adenoid cystic carcinoma in Iraq
Raid Razak Ali Al-Khafaji
Evaluation the influence of dwarf gene on some fecundity features in dwarf hens
Salam Merza Suhail Altaie, Sura Safi Khafaji, Salah Mahdi and Thamer Kareem ALjanabi
Association between the Route of administration and Efficacy of the Misoprostol in the management of Missed abortion : a randomized clinical trial
Fatima Aljassany, Salam Geddoa and Abdul Razzaq Oleiwi Jasim
Epidemological study of Pleomorphic adenoma in Iraq 3
Raid Razak Ali, Al-Khafaji and Bashar Hamid
Hematological and pathological effects of acrylonitrile and treatment by alpha lipoic acid in albino male rats
Anas A. Humadi and Bushra Al Qaisei
Study on the effect of cigarette smoke on human health
Salim Hussein Hassan and Mohammed A. Merzah
Curative effect of Euphorbia neriifolia and its bioactive constituents on hepatocarcinoma induced by NNitrosodiethylamine in albino mice
Veena Sharma and Pracheta Janmeda
The study on incidence of brain atrophy in population with different educational levels
Ghazwan A. Lafta and Ali Thoulfikar A. Imeer
Parasitological and molecular study of camel anaplasmosis in AL-Najaf province, Iraq
Azhar Ali Faraj
Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Duplex polymerase chain reaction assay based on Exo A and Las A genes
Doaa Hussein Kadhim Alwohaili and Hiyam Abdul-Ridhakareem Alaawad
Immunological and molecular identification of Chlamydia psittaci in some pet bird cage of zoological shop in Al-Qadisiyah Governorate
Dhiaa J. Hamzah, Muayad A. Hussein, Hayder A. Muhammed and Ihsan K. A. Al Kardhi
Assessment of hemorrhoids surgical intervention among 180 patients in Karbala city
Ali Hussein Abid Swailem Al-Tai and Raed H. Ogaili
Cryptosporidiosis: Giemsa aided diagnosis of duodenal tissue
Ali Fadhil Hashim, Mahdi Jassim Al-Mousawi, Faten Talib Yousif and Maha Sabah Majeed
Assessment of growing patients with skeletal discrepancy : Objectivity versus subjectivity
Rawof R. Al Toma, Selma M. Hassan and Yassir A.Yassir
Evaluation the effects of two methods of incorporation of silica nanoparticles into microwave treated and untreated polymethyl methacrylate powder on impact strength and surface hardness
Makarem M. Abdulkareem
The assessment of duodenal Helicobacter pylori detection methods
Ali Fadhil Hashim, Faten Talib Yousif, Wafaa Redha Mohammed and Maha Sabah Majeed
Isolation and molecular detection study of bacterial causes pyelonephritis of cattle in Basrah province
Ayah R. Abdullah and Jalal Y. Mustafa
Prevalence of congenital missing permanent teeth in a sample of Iraqi patients attending dental clinic of Kerbala University : A retrospective study
Ali S. Alhaddad, Ali Abd Al-Hur, Akram S. Alyessary and Ghassan Ali Abbas
Molecular detection of enterotoxins (sea) of VRSA and MRSA isolated from restaurant workers in Thi-Qar Province at Iraq
Hind A. Salih and Manal B. Salih
Pathological study of respiratory system in ducks in Mosul city
Ayman A. A. Al-Hially and Soadd M. Al-Hamadany
Conventional and molecular detection of candida albicans and candida parapasilosis isolated from bovine mastitis in Basrah, Iraq
Hawrra Faysal Hasab Allh AL-Abidy, Bassam Yasein Khudaier and Azhar A.F.AL-Attraqchi
New simple method for growth algae measurement
Roaa J. Elkheralla and Basim Y. Alkafajy
Bacterial profile associated with cardiac vascular disease in Thi-Qar province, Iraq
Amany Shakeir J. and Mayyada F. Darweesh
Production of amylase enzyme by local isolation of Aspergillus niger
Wissam Adnan Dari, Sawsan Hassan Authman and Yusra MB. Mohsin
Estimation of ferritin, erythropoietin in obese Iraqi type II diabetic patients
Seenaa A. Mustafa, Bushra F. Hasan and Noor Alhuda Kh. Ibrahim
Genetic polymorphism of 17Y-str loci in central of Iraq population
Mohammed Mahdi Al-Zubaidi, Mohammed Ibrahim Nader and Majeed Arsheed Sabbah
Evaluation of serum levels of IL-12 and IL-17A in Iraqi patients infected with celiac disease
Ekhlass N. Ali, Noor S. Haphed, Ali Hussein ALkhafaji, Rabab F. Thajeel and Luay I. Farhan
Thyroid disorder aspect in section of patients with chronic kidney disease before and after hemodialysis
Jamela Jouda, Ruqaya Khaleel Ibrahim and Murthada
Effect of a single dose of PLGa nanoparticles encapsulated peptide on some productive and physiological aspects
Saja H. Al-Rubaee, Tahani S. Al-Azawi and Ali A. Taha
The effect of parity, living income and level of some hematological parameters during first trimester of pregnancy
Shaimaa D. Salman, Yasamin Abdul-Amer Kadhum and Sabah Abd Al-Hameed Abd Al-Rahman
Effect of Theileria annulata infection detected by qPCR technique and some factors on hematological parameters in the Iraqi local cows
Zainab Sharaf Ismael and Firas Rashad Al-Samarai
Survey on heart disorder in dogs by electrocardiography in Iraq
Sinan Salah Abd-Almoneim and Alaa Kamil Mahmood
Antagonistic effect of Avena sativa seeds crude extract to chlorambucil effect on fertility of female rats
Ghanem Taher Abdulrazzaq and Huda Falah Hasan
Toxicopathological effects of deltamethrin on male reproductive system of albino rats (Epididymus)
Mustafa Qasim Mustafa and Zainab Jamal Mohammed Jawad
Isolation of infectious bursal disease virus and immuno-histochemistry of CD4+ and CD8+ for infected Iraqi chickens
Rawaa Saladdin Jumaa, Aida Bara Allawe and Rebah Najah Jabbar
Effect of Nigella sativa silver nanoparticles on some cardiac biomarkers in hydrogen peroxide treated rats – Part II
Zainab Sattaar Ali and Khalisa Khadim Khudair
Fabrication and characterization of lyophilized acellular bovine articular cartilage matrix for tissue-engineering applications
Abdulsatar S. Hamza, Hameed A. K. AL-Timemi and Zeyad A. Shabeeb
Association of vitamin D3 levels with lifestyle factors in a sample of Iraqi high school students in Baghdad city
Asaad Ahmed Mohsen and Ikbal Khudhur AlJoofy
Synthesis and characterization of gold-silver AU/AG- core-shell nanoparticles by cold atmospheric pressure plasma
Aya Khalid, Hamid H. Murbat, Zainab J. Shanan
Intestinal anaphylaxis during hypersensitivity reactions in gallus domesticus against different doses of egg antigen of Ascaridia galli
Juhie Agarwal
Toxicopathological and mutagenic of food dyes sunset yellow (E-110) on wister male rats
Bushra Ibrahim Al-Kaisei, Anas Humadi and Taghreed Jabbar Humadai
Dietary chromnium piclonate supplementation effects on some blood parameters in male rabbits exposed to heat stress
M.J. AL-Saadi
Prevalence of toxoplasmosis as coinfection in Iraqi patients infected with tuberculosis
Ekhlass N. Ali, Shatha Zuheir Majeed, Ashwaq A. Kadhem and Alia Essam Mahmood Alubadi
The impact of FSHR gene polymorphism, P.ASN680SER, in premature ovarian insufficiency and normosmic idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism patients : a case-control study
Samer Thamir Mahmoud and Abdul Kareem A Alkazaz
CT coronary artery calcium scoring in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients as an early predictive risk for ischemic heart disease
Mousa Qasim Hussein
Effects of aromatic petroleum hydrocarbons on Scylla serrata inhabiting Mahim Creek (Mumbai) with special reference to enzyme activity
Shaheda P. Rangoonwala, Hasina Shaikh and A. K. Pandey
A study on the fungi community in the soil of waste dumps in some regions of Al-Khalis district
Roqia Ahmed Abbas
Effect of pulmonary metacestodes of Echinococcus granulosus (hydatid cyst) infection on lung tissue of sheep and cow
Noora Dhyaaldain Abed and Nagham Y. Al-Bayati
Evaluated Serum levels for IgE, cytokines IL-6 and IL-10 in patients with eczema in city of Baqubah
Mohsen Jaaffer Radha, Maha Falih Nazzal and Thekra Atta Ibrahim
Assessment of IL-8, IL-10 and TNF-a among pregnant women infected with acute toxoplasmosis
Hala Yaseen Kadhem and Entisar Mahdi Hamad
Recycling of hatchery-used wastewater for seed production of Gangetic prawn, Macrobrachium gangeticum (Bate, 1868)
Prasanti Mishra, D. R. Kanaujia and A. K. Pandey
Seroprevalence of Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG antibodies in patients with respiratory infection in Diyala governorate
Fatin Ali Al-Chalabi, Asmaa Haseeb Hwaid and Wafaa Abdulazeez Hadi
Antibacterial activity of ZnO and CO3O4 nanoparticles synthesized by co-precipitation method
Ali Mohammed Al-Tamimi, Esam H. Hummadi and Mustafa Hammadi
a-tocopherol foliar application can alleviate the adverse effect of salinity stress on wheat plant, Triticum aestivum L.
Inas Haseeb Khamees AL-Kareemawi and Amel Ghanim Muhmood AL-Kazzaz
Heavy metals detection in white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) cultivated in state of Maharashtra, India
Satish Kumar Sinha, Tarun Kumar Upadhyay and Sushil Kumar Sharma
Cuticle thickness and its association with insecticide resistance in Bactrocera cucurbitae (Diptera : Tephritidae)
Deepak Verma, Soni Kumari and Dinesh Kumar
Advanced quantum mechanical screening of leads against periodontitis drug target Cystalysin from Treponema denticola
Hazza A. Alhobeira
Resurgence of grain amaranth in the food and nutraceutical industry : A review
Annie G. Agarwal, Mohammad Irfan Khan, Om Prakash Sidhu, Kuldeep Singh, Badruddeen, Juber Akhtar and Mohammad Ahmad
Structural insights into human apolipoprotein A1 variants and their correlation with amyloidogenic propensities : An in silico approach
Farah Ma’arfi, Mohd Yasir Khan, Jamal e Fatima, Uzma Fatima, Snober S. Mir and Mohd Aslam Yusuf
Acute and chronic effects of matrine insecticide in common carp (Cyprinus carpio l. 1758)
Ahmed Jasim Mohammed AL-Azawi
Effect of training on femur mineral density of rats
Nikolay G. Belyaev, Igor V. Rzhepakovsky, Lyudmila D. Timchenko, David A. Areshidze, Alexander N. Simonov, Andrey A. Nagdalian, Igor A. Rodin, Matvey I. Rodin, Sergey N. Povetkin and Marina E. Kopchekchi
The relationship between vitamin D concentration and some biochemical parameters in patients suffers from vitamin D deficiency at Kirkuk city
Hayder Mudheher Abbas, Marwa Adnan Hasan and Sinor Dalshad Ali
Variations in different physico-chemical parameters of Chilika Lagoon, East coast of India
Prasanti Mishra, Amita Kumari Mohanty and A. K. Pandey
Association of casein hydrolysate intake with cardiovascular function in hypercholesterolemic female rats
Abdlrahman Abdlelah Abdlhamed and Luma Waleed Khaleel
Anticancer activity of some Schief’s bases compounds derived from 1,4-phenylendiamine in cell line
Ahmed Hatem Alwan, Nabel Jamal Ayed and Tareq K. Ibraheem
Anti-phospholipid and anti-cardiolipin antibodies in women with recurrent spontaneous abortion
Assel Adeeb Ahmed and Maha Falh Nazzal
The effect of adding zinc oxide sol-gel Nano on the Chemical Characteristics of Growing Capsicum frutescens Plant in hydroponic System
Osama G. AL-Zuhairi, M. M. I. AL-Mahdawi and Mustafa Hammadi
Effect of sucrose and 8-HQS on vase life of flower Dendranthema ×grandiflorum Kitam plants
M. M. Ibrahim and Z. G. Fadeel
Bacteriological study of Klebsiella species isolated from different infections and detection of biofilm formation by three methods
Ansam Dawood Salman
Determination of myeloperoxidase, homocysteine and related other parameters with young smokers of cigarette and narghile in Baghdad city
Sarah K. Sahi and Bushra H. Ali
A genetic polymorphism of interleukin 9 gene (rs2069882) in rheumatoid arthritis of Iraqi patients
Aseel J. Kadim, Ammar A. Sultan and Ibtesam B. Hassan
A comparative analytical determination of Isoniazid in pure and pharmaceutical preparations
Allawi H. Merahge, Mohammed J. Hamzah and Ahmed M. AL-Anbakey
The effect of light/dark cycle on blood follicular barrier laminin expression in ovary of the mice
U. H. Hadi and H. A. Jaafar
Epidemiology of watery diarrhea in Babylon province, Iraq
Maher Ali Al-Quraishi and Samar Raffia Herby Al-Saidi
Improving the mitochondrial functions of male rats pituitary gland using hydroxytyrosol
Hayder A. K. N. Al-Zamely and Aryaf M. Sabea
Preparation and study to characterize the ZnO-PVA nanocomposite and its antibacterial effects
Logean Qadri Al-Karam and Sadeer M. Majeed
Histomorphological and histometrical study of small intestine of the guinea fowl, Numidia meleagris
Fatimah Swadi Zghair, Iman Moussa Khaleel and Riyadh Hameed Nsaif
The role of adipokines : Leptin, resistin and CRP in thyroid dysfunction
Zainab Samir Yahya Hammo, Zaid Mohammed Mubarak Almahdawi, Abdilkarim Y. J. Alsammeraie and Aufaira S. Nasif
Study of genetic variation of NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (nad5) gene for Hymenolepis nana isolated from different host (mice and rats) in Diyala province, Iraq
Ali Mutlag Nawar, Nagham Yaseen ALBayati and Khansaa Salman Farman
Computation of partial interactions, total mass attenuation coefficient and effective, dentin and amalgam over a wide photon energy ranging from 10 keV to 15 MeV
Ali S. Al- Haddad and Abbas J. Al-Saadi
Methotrexate pH-responsive release from nanostructures of dopamine and polyoxometalate
Ahmed Al-Yasari, Hasan F. Alesary, Hamid Alghurabi, Muqdam Mahdi Mohammad Ali Alali, Luma M. Ahmed and Rahman Alasadi
A comparative study to estimate the chemical composition of muscles in two different zones of the body in twospecies of teleosts; yellowfin barbel, Luciobarbus xanthopterus (Heckel, 1843) and redbelly tilapia, Coptodonzillii (Gervais, 1848)
Mohammed W. H. AL-Mohanna and Ali Naser Zubaidi
Triad tissue engineering : Gingival mesenchymal stem cells, platelet rich fibrin and hydroxyapatite scaffold to ameliorate relapse post orthodontic treatment
Alexander Patera Nugraha, Fianza Rezkita, Kadek Gede Putra, Ida Bagus Narmada, Diah Savitri Ernawati and Fedik Abdul Rantam
The effect of saline stress and melatonin on some of physiological parameters in the wheat plant, Triticumaestivum L.
Huda Hashim Kadhim Al-Behadili and Eman Hussain Hadi Al-Hayani
Study of some immune parameter among patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Rusul Mahdi Sahib Shukur and Angham Jassim Al-Ramahy
Venation pattern and leaf architectures of Cordia myxa L. from Boraginaceae family
Muazaz Azeez AL-Hadeethi, Areej A. Farman AL-Rawi, Ali T. AL-Taie and Amar Hussein AL-zubaidi
Relationship of CYP2E1 gene Intron 6 DraI polymorphism with alcohol abuse among Iraqi individuals
Reem W. Saad and Anwar A. Abdulla
Relationship between DIO2 (exon 2) gene polymorphism and some traits of growth and hormones in local Awassi sheep
M. J. Abd AL-Razak, B. Q. H. AL-Saadi and N. N. AL-Anbari
Effects of sodium and potassium chloride on aging processes of mung bean cuttings in terms of hormonal nutritional as an antioxidant parameters
Abdullah I. Shaheed
Histological and morphometerical study of thymus gland in different ages of male white rats
Bashaar Rasim Karem and Seenaa Jabbooree Al-Bazi
Histological structure of stomach in Iraqi black patridge, Francolinus francolinus
Moussa Qader Abdy Al-Taee and Iman Sami Ahmed Al-Jumaily
Lactate dehydrogenase level in bronchial alveolar lavage fluid of patients with bacterial pneumonia and tuberculosis
Ali Abd Alhussein Mahdi, Raghad Hassan Hussein Sanyi and Izzat Abdulsatar Al-rayahi
Histological study on the effect of different concentrations of lead acetate in the liver, heart and bone marrow in mice (Mus musculus)
Ahmed Hamid Ahmed, Safa Salah Salman and Zinah Ibrahim Khaleel
Correlation of paraoxonase 1 activity with OXLDL levels in Iraqi diabetic foot patients
Sarah Nassif Jassim, Shatha Abdul Wadood AL-Shammaree and Thamar Tarek AL Ali
Molecular detection of neural mediated genes : SCN2A and GABRG2
Laith Abdul-Hassan Mohamed-Jawad
BCG vaccine in children in Al-Hijjaj area and factors affecting tuberculosis
Emad Maaroof Thakir, Shihab Ahmed Khalaf, Hind Mutar Ibrahim and Luay Farhood Jumaah
Assessment of hearing and its relationship with diabetes and hyperlipidemia patients in Samarra city
Ali Rasheed Hameed AL Samarrai, Wijdan I. A. Abd-Alwahab and Bakr Mohammed Mahdi
Effect of age on semen parameters and sperm DNA fragmentation in Iraqi Awassi rams
Anmar Jasim Mohammed, Maad Hasani AL-Ameri, Imad Dawood Saleh, Noman D Salih, A. F. Majeed and Mustafa Salah Hasan
A new lectin extracted from Moniezia expansa helminth causes human sperm agglutination increased during in vitro activation
Zainab Mohsin Al-Rubayie, Kassim Abdulla Al-Morshidy and NuhaYaarub Al-Harbi
Estimation of the some trace elements levels in the fluid of Cysticercus fasciolaris larva of Taenia taeniaformis
Amal Khudair Khalaf and Baydaa Furhan Swadi
Detection of protein C and S levels in b-thalassemia patients in Babylon province
Hasan Saad Hasan Alsaadi, Hasan A Farman and Hanan Jassim Hammod
The species composition of epiphytic microorganisms and their influence on roots excretory activity of wheat and pea seedlings
Z. A. Azeez, A. I. Bozhkov, M. T. Mahmood and M. K. Kovalova
Macroscopic and microscopic study of the thymus during mature and immature in local geese (Anser cygenoides)
Rabab Abd Alameer Nasser
Prevalence of Cryptosporidium spp in cows in Salah El-Din and assessment of some of biochemical effects
Mohammed Ali Hamad, Aysir Saleh Mohammed Al-Samarrai and Ashraf Jamal Mahmood
Detection of the level of human ALT liver enzyme concentration by using laser biosensor multimode fibres (MMF)
Hadeel S. AL Abed and Layla M. Alameri
The value of vitamin D serum, interleukin-6, interleukin-10 in post abortion of women in Samarra city
Aseel Ahmed Madlool and Moafaq M. Zeidan
Evaluation of some biochemical parameters related with vitamin D deficiency in cardiovascular disease patients
Sara Sardar Hamad and Kamaran Kaiani Abdoulrahman
Determination of IL-18, C3 and insulin in Iraqi females with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOs)
Mais Isam Al-Kubaisi and Hazima Mossa Al-Abassi
Carbon nanotube induced change in some metabolic enzymes of the fish, Channa punctatus
Dharmendra Shrimali and G. Tripathi
Evaluation of oxidative stress and dyslipidemia in diagnosed hypertensive patients
Priyanshi Mishra, Dhananjay Tiwari, Mohammad Mustufa Khan and Priyanka Thapa Manger
Improving photosynthetic pigments and antioxidant activities of soybean under stress and non-stress condition by foliar spray of salicylic acid, 24-epibrassinolide, jasmonic acid
Meenakshi Sheokand, Somveer Jakhar and Sunidhi Chopra
Increase IL-17 a and reduced IFN-g/IL-4 ratio are novel responsible factors for persistence of Entamoeba histolytica infection
Raed Fanoukh Aboqader, Saba Muhammed Jassim and Mohammad H. Al-Hasnawy
Investigation the role of Blastocystis hominis effect on the levels of IL-10, IL-18 and hematological parameters
Salam Khalid Mutlag, Neama Ali Ahmed and Sahlah Khorsheed Abbas
Gene expression of TLR2 and TLR4 receptors and level of IL-10 and IL-23 in patients with cystic echinococcosis
Shaimaa Raheem Hussein and Jameel Jerri Yousif
The protective effect of Alchemilla vulgaris on the reproductive system and some visceral organs (liver, spleen) of female rats exposed to high dose of zinc sulphate in drinking water
Shaimaa K. Mohammed and Mehdi A. Ali
Antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles synthehsized by green synthesis from Yucca aloifolia extract
Waqar Adnan Hamdan, Ayat Alaulddin Abdulazeez, Baydaa Mahdi Abbas, Amjed Mirza Oda, Salam Saleh and Ali Mohammed
The effect of twist expression on the development of cervical carcinoma in a group of Iraqi women infected with HPV
Basim M. Khashman, Kawakeb N. Abdulla, Saba J. Alhashimi, Mohammed M. Lafta and Sarah N. Abdulwadood
The relationship between typhoid and leucopenia in Iraqi patients
Hiba M. Nasir, Ashwak J. Kzar and Suhad H. Aubaid
Evaluation of acute phase proteins and anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) levels in rheumatoid arthritis
Wafaa Fadhil Hamad
Histomorphological study of kidney in adult kestrel, Falco tinnunculus
Siraj M. Alkafagy, Jaafar Ghazi and A. G. Alhaaik
First report of extensively drug resistant (EDR) and MECA positive Staphylococcus capitis strain isolated from neonatal blood culture at Fattima-Al-Zahra hospital, Baghdad, Iraq
Nadheema Hammood Hussein, Butheina Mohammed Taha, Alaa Naseer Mohammed Ali and Jumaah Dakel Hussein
Arterial distribution for digestive and urogenital system in female domestic cats (Felis catus domesticus L)
Hussein B. Mahmood, Walaa F. Obead and Abbas Lafi Batah
Effect of Eucalyptus microtheca F. Muell extracts on morphological deformations when treated forth instar larvae of mosquitoes Culex molestus Forskal
Sarah Kadhim Ibrahim Al-Rahimy and Rafid Abbas AL-Essa
Effect of spraying with zinc and manganese at different state of potato growth on quality of potato tuber (Solanum tuberosum L.) desiree class : As a role of friendly biochemical health
Jawad T. M. Al-Fadhly, Firas W. Ahmed and Wisam M. Abd
Stimulation of the antioxidant system by the effect of vitamin C in the apical meristematic tissue affected by water stress
Hayder Nasser Hussain Al-Mentafji and Aso Latif Aziz Al-Arkawazi
The hormonal and histopatholgical effects of Persia americana pulps extract on reproductive system of female rats treated with cyclophosphoamide
Huda F. Hasan and Firas A. Ali
Predictive values of DHEAS, TT and IGF1 in successful pregnancy outcome of patients undergoing IVF/ICSIET
Shatha Abdul Wadood, Qays A. Mahdi and Rusul Hashem
The effects of bio-magnetism on some environmental factors of the water inhabit by Cyclocypris cruciate Furtos 1935
Qater Al-Nada A. Al-Ibady, Khalid A. Rasheed and Emaduldeen A. Almukhtar
Response of wheat to weed control by using different herbicides and effectin to yield grain
S. H. A. Al-Ziady, R. K. Shati, S. S. Ali, A. M. Hamid and F. A. Abboud
Phylogenetic tree and submission of local Enterobacter cloacae isolate from an urinary tract infection (UTI) of Iraq woman in NCBI
Najwa Sh. Ahmed, Saade Abdalkareem Jasim and Atheer A. Majeed
Genetic mutation detection of TSLP gene in patients with atopic dermatitis in Iraqi population
Aseel Kasim Kareem and Alaa Jawad Hassan
Anatomical and chemical study of Altheae officinalis L. spread in the north of Iraq
Feryal Khalid Khalaf and Muazaz Azeez AL-Hadeethi
Effect of diabetes mellitus type 2 on the biochemical parameters of the obese patients
Muna Mohammed Ibraheem, Tafaoul Jaber Hameed and Salma Anwer Abdullah
Feline dermatophytosis : Epidemiological, clinical and laboratory features in Baghdad Governorate, Iraq
Tareq Rifaat Minnat and Jinan Mahmoud Khalf
Biological, biochemical and histological effects of supernemic (neem oil) on house fly Musca domestica L. larvae
Zahraa A. H. Al-Jasime, Nawal S. Mehdi and Thaer M. Ibrahim
Is inhibin B a better marker of spermatogenesis than other hormones in infertile men in Mosul city ?
Sajeda S. Al-Chalabi, Yasir T. Al-Wattar and Islam M. Algalili
Study the effect of methotrexate on some biochemical parameters in women with rheumatoid arthritis
Faten Kareem and Wijdan Thamer
Detection of plasmid-mediated AMPC b-lactamase genes and evaluation the synergistic effect of clove volatile oil and antibiotics in clinical isolates of Klebsiella pneumonia in Iraq
Mohammed Obaid Ibrahim and Safaa Abed Latef Al Meani
The role of perlite and irrigation management in water consumptive, growth and yield of potato Solanium tuberosum L. in sandy loam soil
B. A. A. H. Alkhateeb, W. F. A. Alshamary and A. M. H. Aljumily
Assessing the application of standard preventive precautions indicators among health workers against viral hepatitis B in surgical theaters
Wafa Mahmood Jasim
The estimation of GPT and GOT enzymes for diabetes patients : A biochemical study
Dolfikar Ahmed Hamza, Aamer M. Ali and Amal Hesham Hameed
Effect of cyanobacteria as a biofertilizer on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of tomato varieties
Madeha H. Hussain, Ali Ahmed Hussein Al Myali and Ali S. Hassoon
Feedback control of the two-component regulatory system CiaRH in Streptococcus pneumoniae R6
Botan Nitham Sadq Salihi and Shwan Rachid
Synthesis and characterization of pyrazol ring pendant on modified poly (5-vinyl tetrazole-CO-MA)
Raghad Hamed Ismail and Entesar O. Al-Tamimi
Estimation of interleukin (17, 22) and heat shock protein-20 among leishmaniasis patients in Al-Najaf province
Raad Ajam Sayal and Jawad Kadhimabdul Hussien
Response of myrtle vegetative growth to BA and humic acid application
Sudab Saadoon Rashid and Mohammed Khazaal Hameed
New immunological technique for diagnosis of Candida albicans in different sites
Russul Arkan Hassan, Hazima Mossa Al-Abassi and Ali Abdul Al-Hussain Mahdi
A study of lipid profile and serum uric acid levels in smokers and non-smokers
Shubhra Chowdhry, Roshan Alam, Saba Khan and Jyoti Verma
Molecular diagnosis of six b-globin gene mutations in Babylon province, Iraq
Sara Fadhil and Anwar A. Abdulla
Estimation of some plant extract activity against bacterial cystitis produced by urinary tract infection from Holly Kerbala province
Azal A. Al-Rubaeaee, Zahraa Ch. Hameed, Sara Al-Tamemi and Nora J. Hintaw
The impact of vitamin D levels on the oxidative stress in Iraqi rheumatoid arthritis patients
Ahmed Qasim Hwaidi and Hathama Razooki Hasan
Determination and concentration of Olea europaea leaves ingredients and its effect on glucose induced diabetes and some blood biochemical standards in male rats
Hiba Kawan Al-Azawy, Wahby Abd Al Kadr Salman and Ayyub Juma Al-Bayaty
Molecular study of hydatid cysts in human, sheep and donkeys at Basra city, Southern Iraq
Jalal Y. Mustafa, Suzan A. Al-Azizz and Arwa R. Lazim
Algicidal, cytotoxicity and antioxidant properties of algicidal bacteria isolated from dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus belizeanus
Anmar Hameed Bloh, NooraWael Rasheed, EmanMobder Nayif and Aamer M. Ali
Effect of temperature variation on the efficacy of Chlorella vulgaris in decomlorization of congo red from aqueous solutions
Noor S. Naji and Jasim M. Salman
Clinical, hematological and biochemical study of induced acidosis in sheep
Mohmmed S. Alkabi, Ihab G. AL-Shemmari and Ali H. Fadhil
DNA barcoding of agriculturally important plusiinae (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae)
Twinkle, P. R. Shashank and Pratima Chaudhuri Chattopadhyay
In silico analysis of SSRs in neuropsin gene in vertebrates
Gunja Snehi
Lipid peroxidation, antioxidant defense system and proline accumulation in seedlings of Lasiurus sindicus Henerd in response to salt stress
Bhuwnesh Goswami, Rekha Rankawat and B. R. Gadi
The use of PCR to detect Alternaria alternata fungi which isolated from tomato fruit
Ghaidaa S. Hussein
The inhibitory effect of partially purified lipopolysacharide extracted from Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria on Candida glabrata yeast
Samah Salih and Suaad Khalil
Effect of Entamoeba histolytica on hipcidin and some biochemical parameters in blood
Mawaheb Merie Gburi Al-badri, Aysir Salih Mohammed and Mostafa Ali Abdulrhamen
The efficiency of the powder, aqueous and alcoholic extracts for fenugreek flowers (Trigonella foenum) biofertilized with Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria against the fungus (Penicillium spp.) that causing green and blue mold on the orange
Najiha M. Bari
Assessment of variation in luteinizing hormone (LH) level among females by using single-mode fiber optical biosensor (SMF)
Shahad K. Alageedi and Layla M. Alameri
Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Aspergillus terreus
Teeba Hashim Mohammed, Mohsen Hashim Risan and Emad Yousif
Effect of age at sexual maturity of quail dams on egg production and egg quality traits of their progeny
Khalid Hamid Hassan and Noora Majid Hameed
Morphological comparative study of the stomach in the Felis catus (Domestic cat) and Sciurus carolinesis (Eastern gray squrriel)
Ashwaq Ahmed Hussein and Wijdan Basher Abed
Comparative histological study of stomach in domestic pigeon (Columba liviadomestica) and domestic quail (Coturnix coturnix)
Alyaa Abdul-Ridha, Alaa Najee Salih, Ali Fayadh Bargooth and Osamah Nassir Wali
Evaluation of hydrogen peroxide on controlling saprolegniasis in common carp, Cyprinus carpio L.
Ahmad A. Ashour, Noor M. Salman, Sanaa A. Mustafa and Rula O. Nemah
Effect of the spraying with TDZ and G-GANA in some vegetative growth characteristics of strawberry
Sarab Samir Saleh and Mohammed Khazaal Hameed
Role of pathogenicity islands and integrons with horizontal transfer multiple drug resistance of UPEC isolates : A molecular study
Noor M. Faisal, Ahmed D. Jabbar, Aya A. Hussein and Zainab A. Bachay
Interpretation of rubella positive IgM and IgG in aborted women
Munteha M. H. Al-Alouci, Huda R. S. Al-Alwani and Tamadher M. H. Al-Alouci
Short course treatment and some hormonal and biochemical changes in turberculosis
Kadhem Mohammad Sabae
Assay of GLP-1 hormone and lipid among Iraqi diabetic patients
Huda Farhan
Effect of hesperidin and ciprofloxacin on the function and histological structure of kidney in local male rabbits
Auday Suliaman Khudhiar, Ahlam J. H. AL-Khamas, Suhad Jameel Hadi, Manal Muhi Murad, Jawad Kadhim Faris, Firas Hussain Kadhim albawi and HayderAbd Al Emeer Zballa Almermdhy
Molecular study of polymorphism for gene TNF-Alpha using ARMS-PCR technique for patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Marwan Q. AL-Samarraie, Arshed H. Yaseen and Baraa M. Ibrahim
Antibacterial potential of Hibiscus sabdarifa L. against some enterobacteriaceae : In vitro
Sabreen A. Kamal, Hussein J. Hussein and Zainab A. Tolaifeh
Molecular and enzymatic properties of fungi isolated from historical manuscripts preserved at the Al-Hussein Holy Shrine
Alaa A. Jasim, Ban T. Mohammed and Adnan A. Lahuf
New record species Cotugnia alii (Shinde, 2002) cestode in Basrah, Iraq parasitized in Gallus gallus domesticus
Dawood S. Mahdi and Baydaa F. Swady
Serum level of ischemia modified albumin in patients with acute myocardial infarction
Mahdi A. Mahdi, Aumr T. Joad, Salam S. Ahmed and Khudhair A. Khudhair
Effect of TEX101 protein, vitamin D and zinc on men fertility
Hasan A. Farman, Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Assi and Mohammed Baqer M. Salih
Interleukins (IL-18 and IL-10) in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
Sahlah Kh. Abbas
Determination of optimal conditions for the production of single cell protein (SCP) by Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria using hydrocarbon residues (used motor oil)
Mustafa Dawood Aasi Al-Mehmdi and Dhafer Fakhri Abdul-Qader Al-Rawi
Effect of seed priming with salicyclic acid on the growth and yield components for three varieties of maize (Zea mays L)
A. A. Al-Ani, M. O. G. Al-Ubaidi and H. M. K. Alabodi
The role of microbiota enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis in etiology of colorectal cancer
Zinah Saad Madhloom, Alice Krikor Melconian and Aqeel Shakir Mahmood
Immunomolecular investigation of patients infected with ventilator associated pneumonia in Najaf provice
Hassan Akeel Majeed and Mahdi Hussein Alammar
Detection of some virulence factors and antibiotics susceptibility of Escherichia coli isolated from UTI patients
Afnan Saab Fehan and Kareem Ibrahim Mubarak
Effect of using dates kernel meal (Phoenix dactylifera) biological treatments on the protein productive value and digestion coefficient of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Hamza G. Al-Agidi, Mohannad H. Al-Ashaab and Khloold A. lkhafaji
Various applications of carbazone derivatives and their metal complexes : A review
Enass J. Waheed, Wurood A. Jaafar and Awf A. R. Ahmed
Assessment of zyxin and E-cadherin tumour marker in Iraqi patients with glioma lesion of the brain
Hazima Mossa Alabassi
Analysis of the amino acids in the liver of the embryo and the adult of domesticated chicken Gallus gallus domesticus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Dalia H. Al-Hamawandy and Nahla A. Al-Bakri
Some physiological and histological changes in the male reproductive system of rats (Rattus rattus) experimentally infected with Toxoplasma gondii
Halla Abdul-Hadi Chabuk
Study on the biochemical components of infant formula for the first and second age group of Najaf governorate and comparison with breast milk
Murtada Abdulhasan Aldhalemi and Riyadh Shamkhi Al-Mosawi
Isolation of Helicobacter pylori from drinking water of Al-Refai city and study the effect of zeolite polymer on them
Alaa Yacoob Rahee, Marwa Jamal Hussain and Azhar Jabbar Khalaf
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity screening of new cyclic imides comprising antipyrine and oxazole cycles
Baraa H. Latief and Ahlam M. Al-Azzawi
Classification number of organisms using cluster analysis of the peptide chains multiple chymotrypsin lactate dehydrogenase
Ali A. Ibrahim, Mohammed Isam and Duaa Hammoud
Molecular detection of the mutation in rpoB gene responsible to rifampicin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Ahmed Adil Ali and Hasanain K. Shareef
Involvement of CYP17 gene polymorphism with benign prostatic hyperplasia in Babylon province
Nibras Yahya Hussein, Mufeed J. Ewadh and Abdulrazzaq Salman
Detection of cytomegalovirus in patients with end stage renal disease in Kirkuk city
Wirya Ahmed Tofiq, Israa Hashim Saadoon and Azzawi Mustafa Hadi
Assessment of uric acid in patients of end-stage renal disease with hypertension and diabetic nephropathy and the risk of cardiovascular diseases
Shatha Abdul Wadood AL-Shammaree
Ethel alcohol and sodium hypochlorite activity against pathogenic biofilm formation
Halah M. H. Al-Hasani and Ammar Al-Gburi
Assessment of PPARg level in patients women with cardiovascular disease after menopause
Hanan Jassim Hammod, Sawsamjassim Al-Harbi and Hussein Jassim Al-Harb
Diagnosis of Candida spp. isolated from UTI patients by morphological and moecular characteristic
Zahraa Kadhum Al-Mussawi and Ibtihal Muiz Al-Hussani
Effect of Parkinson’s disease on the serological levels of some neurotransmitters and interleukin-5
Mahdi Taher Sahib Al_Hadad, Raad Abbaskadhim and Abeer Fauzi Al-Rubaye
Unravelling the invigorative effects of stem bark of the wonder tree, Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce in LPSinduced swiss albino male mice : An in-vitro approach
Veena Sharma and Preeti Sharma
A study to investigate the possible association between GSTM1 and GSTT1 polymorphism and the occurrence of complications in type 2 DM
Archana Mishra, Md. Kaleem Ahmad, Sudhir Mehrotra, Roshan Alam, Israr Ahmad, Priyanka Thapa and Vandana Tiwari
An assessment of cytotoxic potentiality of Momordica charantia on the root meristem cells of Trigonella foenum-graecum L.
Himshikha Yadav
Biofilm formation and metallo b-lactamase production in clinical and environmental isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Ali Dhiaa Hadi and Mourouge Saadi Alwash
Adipocytokines as a risk factor for coronary artery disease and its relationships with obesity
Maytham H. Tarrad, Mufeed J. Ewadh and Alaa Hussain Haider
Molecular detection of Mycoplasma spp from clinically infected camels (Camelus dromedarius) in South of Iraq
Qassim Haleem Kshash, Hyder Naji Aaiz and Lugein Abed Al-Khuder
Synthesis of new indole schief bases and evaluation of their biological activity on lymphatic cell in metaphase in human blood
Fadhil Lafta Faraj, Luma Salman Abd, Ahmed Hatem Alwan and Rusul Adnan Nafia
Response of zucchini to the bio-fertilizers and the number of spray times by the biozyme
Mohammed H. Nail and Saad A. Mahmood
Detection of parasitic fauna on Leuciscus vorax Heckel, 1843, fish in the euphrates river Babylon province
Abdulhusein Hamzah Abdelhusein Jawdhira
New mixed ligand of dithiocarbamate and 8-hydroxyquinoline with some complexes of schiff base ligand : Synthesis, spectral analysis and biological activity
Wasan M. Alwan, Riyadh M. Ahmed, Enaam I. Yousif, Baidaa K. Al-Rubaye, Khawla M. Sultan and Hasan A. Hasan
Synthesis of some new thiazepine compounds derived from chalcones and evaluation there biochemical and biological activity
Nadia A. Al-Joboury, Khalid A. Al-Badrany, Ayad S. Hamed and Wissam M. R. Aljoboury
Genetic polymorphism of CHEK2 and PALP2 genes in association with expressed proteins of early 6 & 7 genes of HPV16 & 18 in breast cancers tissues
Maryam Sabah Naser, Shakir H. Mohammed Al-Alwany and Rabab Omran
Synthesis, identification and antibacterial study for some new heterocyclic compounds
Ali Hatem Ahmmed and Ibtisam K. Jassim
Synthesis and spectral characterisation of new b-aminoketone compounds
Talib H. Mawat and Mohamad J. Al-Jeboori
Effect of fenugreek powder and mackerel fish powder on some physiological and biochemical parameters of white male and female rabbits
Iman Ismail Khalil Abdullah, Ali Abdul Wahab Jassim and Wajdan Ibrahim Abbas
Vitamin D3 synergetic with calcium and phosphate contribute in development of rheumatoid arthritis in Iraqi patients
Suhayr A. Al-Qaysi, Antesar R. Obead and Awss S. Fadel
Comparative study to know therapeutic the effect of methotraxete dose and alcoholic extract of Curcuma longa on blood parameter and paw thickness in the white rats males that induced rheumatoid arthritis
Karrar Hussein AL-Graiti and Hussein Ali Abd AL-Latif
Some physiological changes (ALP, AST and ALT) of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) caused by high salinity
Mohammed Shaker Al-Khshali and Hasan Ali Al Hilali
Association of serum insulin-like growth factor -1 with obesity in TYpe 2 diabetic patients and acute renal failure
Mohamad R. Abdullah and Abdulrahman R Mahmood
Assessment of cadioprotective effect of Costus speciosus in isopproterenol induced myocardial infarction in rats
Kamal-Eldin Ahmed Abdelsalam
Effect of Azolla addition on enhanced anaerobic digestion of food waste and activated sludge by varying hydraulic retention time (HRT) and organic loading rate (OLR) by using USAB technology
Muzaffar Ahmad Mir, Shobha Ram, Athar Hussain, Aaqib Wani and Naveen Kumar
Mutation spectrum and polymorphisms in ATP7B identified on direct sequencing of three exons in Iraqi patients with Wilson’s disease
Omar Qahtanyaseen, Mohammed Qais Al-Ani and Yasinhamadmajeed
Lab scale study on characterization and identification of phenol degrading bacteria isolated from pulp and paper mill effluent
Preeti Sachan, Sangeeta Madan, Athar Hussain and Utkarsh Singh
Investigation of the toxic effect of different doses of duprost on kidneys of albino mice
Ban Jasim Mohamad, Hind Hussein Obaid, Yasmin Latif Jasim and Faiza Aftan Zghair
Effect of polymorphism G(129)R in growth differentiation factor 9 gene (GDF9) on awassi ewes that breed out of season
Ali Aziz Abid, Laith Sofian Younis and Saad Tawfiq Rasheed
Evaluation of anti-arthritic activity of Boswellia serrata methanol extract in experimentally induced arthritis animals
Musatafa M. Farhan, Muayad S. Shawkat and Hasan F. Samir
In vitro antifungal activity of leaf extract of myrtle (Myrtus communis L.) against phytopathogenic fungi
Mohammed Ali Muhanna Al-Abdali, Issa Hashil Al-Mahmooli, Abdullah Mohammed Al-Sadi, Jamal Nasser Al-Sabahi, Houda Khlafan Al-Ruqaishi and Rethinasamy Velazhahan
Role of IL-17A gene polymorphisms in Iraqi renal failure patients
Saja Mohammed Mohsen, Mohammed Abdul-Daim Saleh and Abbas Abood Farhan
Protective potential of White tea ethanolic extract against BPA induced kidney damage in male albino rats
Dhuha qays kamil and Khabat Anwar Ali
Cloud-point technique for extraction and spectral estimation of zinc(II) in different samples
Noor Dia Jaffer
Comparison of adrenergic and antiadrenergic effects on sperm motility
Hanan L. Al-Omary, Ghassan Thabit Saeed and Mohammed Qasim Yahya
BCA : V 19#02

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