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Volume No. : 19 (2019)
Issue No. : 01 ( April )
Table Of Contents

Page No.
Table of Contents – 19#01
BCA : V.19#01
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors as targeted therapy in breast cancer
Mazin A. A. Najm, Khulood H. Oudah and Firas Fadhil Alyaseen
Relevance of nanomaterials-based biosensors for detection of pathogens in foods
Neelam Yadav, A. K. Chhillar and S. S. Yadav
Effects of silver nanoparticle toxicity on histoarchitecture and acid and alkaline phosphatase activities in a freshwater fish
Sneha Sharma, Subrata Jain and G. Tripathi
Isolation and characterization of ACC deaminase producing Enterobacter sp. for drought tolerance
Annu Kumari, Kannepalli Annapurna, Ajit Varma and Meenakshi
In vitro antioxidant efficacy of Biophytum sensitivum extracts M. P. Santhi, G. Bupesh,
S. Vasanth, P. Ramasamy, W. M. S. Johnson and V. Balachandar
8-Hydroxy-2-deoxy Guanosine is a novel new biochemical marker for patients with Multiple Sclerosis and correlation with paraoxanase-1 and MDA
Ibtisam K. Mohaisn, Lamia S. Ashoor and Bushra H. Ali
Synergistic activity of Iraq’s plants extracts (Olea europaea fruit and Black sesamum seed) as antihyperglycemia in alloxan -induced diabetic BALB/c mice Jamal Harbi Hussein
Alsaadi, Ameerah M. Zarzoor, Alia Abdul Hussein Hafez and Buthainah Mahdi Younus
The relationship between pathological history and interleukin 17 in patients with autism
Rawaa Najim Abdala, Abdul Ameer Nasir Al-Rekabi and Rafid Abdul-Wahed Al-Mosawi
Study of cytokines genes polymorphims among H. pylori infected patients with peptic ulcer in Al-najaf province
Bashair Abdal Kareem Alnaffkh and Mahdi Hussein AL-Ammar
Evaluation the relationship between DRD1 rs4532 gene polymorphisms and autism by RFLP-PCR in middle Euphrates region of Iraq
Amer Radhi A. A. Jabbar and Mohammed Abdullah Jebor
Study of some hematological and biochemical among for employees of AL-Dour Technical Institute
Hanan Shihab Ahmad, Abeer Saleh Hasan, Fahad K. Y. Al-Dulaimi and Abeer Talib Abdulaqder
Enhancing fertility in Iraqi Awassi sheep by prostaglandin F2a, gonadotrophin and Fluorogestone acetate sponge
Sabah A. Hameid A. Rahman and Haleem Hamadi Issa Alhashmi
The outcome of noise pollution on rat lung
Zohre Jaffarzadeh, Jamshid Alizadeh and Massumeh Ahmadizadeh
Serological detection of infection rate with toxoplasmosis in camels at Al-Najaf Governorate, Iraq
Aiman Mohammed Baqir Al-Dhalimy1 and Marai Hamid Saad Mahmoud
Effects of zinc oxide nanoparticles on some biochemical constituents of Eisenia fetida
Neetu Chouhan and G. Tripathi
Sulfhydryl oxidase concentration and its correlation with semen parameters in Iraqi infertile male
Suha Hanoon Hasan and Hathama Razooki Hasan
Evaluation on ability of Lactobacillus plantarum in protect of some serum biochemical parameters induced by Fumonisin B1 in mail rats
Intisar Al-Sallami, Sami A. Ali and Sabah L. Alwan
Assessment the activity of 5-FU combined with AuNPs against the colon cancer cells CACO-2 line
Ali A. Majeed and Alaa Salah Jumaah
Effects of carbon nanotube on some biochemical constituents of fish
Dharmendra Shrimali and G. Tripathi
Cinnamaldehyde decreases the level of mcr-1 resistant gene in the intestine content of broilers
Abbas Hadi Jasim Al-Mahmoudi and Hiba Turkey Atyia
The effect of diabetes mellitus on immune response in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Na’eema Hameed Al-Dulaimy
Correlation study between biological markers in patients with Entamoeba histolytica parasite
Saleem Khteer Al-Hadraawy, Fahem M. AL-Shebly, Ali Hassan Abood and Naser Jawad Kadhim
The effect of Siwak powder in different concentrations on some mechanical properties of heat polymerizing acrylic resin
Akhlas Zeid Abood
Biosorption of Congo red by immobilized Sacchromyces cerevisiae biosorbents with FTIR analysis
C. Lavanya, Sunil Chhikara, Lalita Rana and Rajesh Dhankhar
Effect of simvastatin on sodium dichromate (Cr(VI)) induced liver Injury in rat
Z. Goodarzi, E. Karami and M. Ahmadizadeh
Induced genetic variability in Chrysanthemum morifolium single nodes grown in vitro using ethyl methane solphonate
Mohammed D. Abdulhadi, Ayad A. Obaid and Kadhim M. Ibrahim
Anti-Mullerian hormone gene polymorphism (rs10407022) and its association with the incidence of polycystic ovary syndrome in Iraqi women
Safa M. Khudair, Abid A. Thaker and Ismail A. Abdul-Hassan
Effects of bioemulsifier produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae G11 on the viability and proliferation of cancer cells
Bashar Q. Kadhem, Rajwa Hasen Essa and Nibras Nazar Mahmood
Estimation of the status of MDA levels and SOD activity in pregnant women
Salman Khan, Saba Khan, Mohammad Mustufa Khan, Roshan Alam and Arshiya Khan
The morphological and pollen grains study of Ipomoea carnea Jacq. (Convolvulaceae) in Iraq
Aseel F. Al-Hussaini
Beneficial effects of Allium sativum on renal oxidative stress and biochemical parameters in Mus musculus intoxicated with Lipopolysaccharides
Veena Sharma and Kanchan Sharma
Pathological examination of the main parasitic and bacterial causes of respiratory infection isolated from sheep in Kerbala province
Zahra Saleh Mahdi, Muna Sachit Hashim, Haidar Ali Mohammed and Thikra Abdulla Mahmood
A study on myeloperoxidase activity in type 2 diabetes mellitus with respect to duration of diabetes, body mass index and waist hip ratio
Priyanka Thapa Manger, Roshan Alam, Mohammad Haris Siddiqui, Sudhir Mehrotra and Jitendra Kumar Saxena
The sequence of GP63 gene of Leishmania dononvani isolated from visceral Leishmaniasis patients in diyala province
Nazar Sh. Mohammed, Salwa S. Muhsen, Saad Kh. Husain and Abdul Razzak N. Sugaier
Isolation and characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Babylon province
Marwa Fadhil Al-Saffar and Eman Mohammed Jarallah
Monitoring of insecticide resistance in Varanasi population of Bactrocera cucurbitae (Diptera : Tephritidae)
Deepak Verma, Soni Kumari and Dinesh Kumar
The impact of follicular fluid growth differentiation factor 8 levels on IVF/ICSI outcomes
Rusul Hashem, Shatha Abdul Wadood and Qays A. Mahdi
Investigation of DNA damage and some biochemical parameters on ross broiler feeding on guar meal, salinomycine and mycofixe
Bushra M. W. AL-Oubaidi and Mashaan A. AL–Zuhairi
Diagnostic of some microbial agents by indirect immunofluoresecent assay in pediatric pneumonia
Eman Mobder Nayif and Frial Gemeel Abd
Isolation and characterization of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) producing Butyrivibrio spp. from Indian ruminants
Anima Srivastava, Neeraj Shrivastava, Ajit Varma and Amrish Tyagi
Association of – 1195A/G single nucleotide polymorphism of cyclooxygenase-2 gene with the severity of chronic periodontitis in an Iraqi population
Suha A. Dahash and Maha Sh. Mahmood
Comparative study between serological and molecular tests in diagnosis of human brucellosis
Adnan H. Aubaid and Zahraa Safaa Al-Deen Mosa
Isolation and identification of fungi from some spoiled fruits
Lalita Chaudhary and T. S. Dhaka
Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using plants flowers of Nerium oleander extract and its antibacterial activity
Riyam Lateef Khalaf and Elham Majeed Ahmed
Nimbidin from Azadirachta indica suppresses Mycobacterium tuberculosis 85B mRNA in human monocytes
Jawed Iqbal, Wasil Hasan, Abbas Ali Mahdi and Najmul Islam
Isolation and identification of aerobic bacteria from different culture Site of gallbladder in patients with Cholelithiasis
Taban Sardar Hawar, Hajir Ali Shareef and Najdat Bahjat Mahdi
Polymorphism of gene STAT4 and association with rheumatoid arthritis
Huda S. Shehab-ALdeen Al Bayati and Yasminekhudairalganimi
Effect of camphor in biofilm formation of methecillin resistance Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus lentus
Roaa Mohammed Hussein AL Kinani and Siham Jasim AL Kaabi
Biosynthesis and optimization of silver nanoparticles from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hassan Hifdy Abbas and May Talib Faliyyah
Prevalence and correlation of keratometry, axial length and post operative IOL power : the measures of cataract surgery
Mahesh Chandra, Mahesh Chandra Agarwal and Govind Singh Titiyal
Production of single-cell protein for animal feed
Nassir Hindawi
Molecular study of NRAS gene among Iraqi colorectal cancer patients
Israa S. Abbood and Ismail H. Aziz
Histopathological effects of cestode parasite, Gangesia sp. in intestine of fresh water fish, Wallago attu
Pathan Amjatkhan Vajidkhan
Molecular diagnosis of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici and proving its pathogenic capacity on the incidence of Fusarium wilt disease
Shaker I. Al-Dulaimi and Halima Z. Hussein
Effects of the crude venom of Hemiscorpius lepturus (Scorpionida : Hemiscorpiidae) on mortality rate of white mice
R. Dehghani, B. Dadpour, H. Kassiri, M. Vahabzadeh, F. Sadat Izadi-Avanji and N. Mohammadzadeh
Molecular variability of chilli leaf curl virus in Northern Karnataka
S. G. Raju and M. S. Patil
DNA extraction protocol for rapid PCR detection of pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa and detection CD4 and CD8 in Iraqi burn case
Aseel S. Mahmood
The relationship between Helicobacter pylori Infection and reproductive disorder
Shiamaa G. Abid and Rana S. Aboud
Molecular detection of stx1 and sta genes in Escherichia coli isolated from children
Ibraheem Mohamed AL-Dolaymi, Hadi R. Al-Taai, Abbas Aboud Al-Dolaymi and Murtadha Ibraheem Al-Khazraji
Preliminary phytochemical screening and In-vitro antioxidant studies of various extracts of Rubus ellipticus from Uttarakhand
Mamta Adhikari and Pushpa Ruwali
Effect of obesity and leptin hormone on bone mineral density in adult persons
Estabraq Hayder Abd Alaemh, Akhlas Hatemabdul-Ameer and Sabah Jassim Al-Rubiae
Molecular and immunological study of IL-6 in diabetic patients with end stage renal disease
Mustafa Hamza AL_Fatlawi and Rand Muhammed Abdul-Hussein Al-Husseini
Identification of sources of resistance against chilli leaf curl complex disease in northern Karnataka
S. G. Raju and M. S. Patil
Estimation of total fucose, ferritin and some other parameters among iron deficiency anemia patients
Anwer Najeh T. AL-Hatemi, Hassan A. Farman and Sami R. AL-Katib
Biochemical basis of resistance in Indian bean, Lablab purpureus var. Typicus (L.) against pod borer, Maruca vitrata (Geyer)
V. Divya Bharathi, C. P. Viji, A. Sujatha, K. Uma Jyothi and D. R. Salomi Suneetha
Detection of Some Exfoliative Toxin and Edin B gene for Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Skin lesions
Fatima Mohammed Obead, Mohammed Sabri Abdul-Razzaq and Zena Saeed AL-Fadhily
Effect of different doses of metformin on sex hormones levels
Rehab Mazi Jabbar Al-rehbawy Haidar Salih Jaffat
Integrated management of chilli leaf curl complex disease in northern Karnataka
S. G. Raju and M. S. Patil
Caspase 3 in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy : relationship with NF-kB gene expression and AOPP
Nawal Khinteel Jabbar and Anwar Jasib Almzaiel
Molecular typing by sequencing of yeast species associated with diabetes patients
Shahad Mahdi Hussein Al-Sendi, Kawther Mohammed Ali Hasan and Noran Jameel Ibraheem
Extraction and identification of volatile bioactive compounds of Aspergillus niger and its efficacy against insect pest, Dysdercus koenigii (Heteroptera : Pyrrhocoridae)
Soni Kumari, Deepak Verma and Dinesh Kumar
The effect of spent hen meat on some chemical and sensory traits of bastrami
Hussian M. K. Al-Dhalimi, Muhammed A. H. Al-Mahdawi, Jassim K. M. Al-Gharawi and Ghaith I. K. Faraon
Effect of Berberine on Giardiasis
Fatima Ibrahim Mohammad, Doaa Abd Alabas Muhammed Ridh and OsamahFaisal Kokaz
Molecular diagnosis of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici and proving its pathogenic capacity on the incidence of Fusarium wilt disease
Shaker I. Al-Dulaimi and Halima Z. Hussein
Preparation of ZnO nanoparticles and modification with riboflavin dye as antibacterial materials
Ali Kareem, Mohammed Al Maamori, Salih H. Kadhim and Abbas J. Attia
Impact of subfertile males BMI on sperm parameters and some seminal antioxidants
Saad M. Al-Zayadi and Sahib Y. Al-Murshidi
Immunogenic role of propolis incorporated lipopolysaccharide antigen of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium isolated from human infection
Hayder Kamil Jabbar Alkaabi and Abdul K. Salman AL-Yassari
Estimation of vascular endothelial growth factor and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in the blood and saliva of patients with type 2 diabetes and their relation with diabetic foot ulcer grade
Khalid Mahdi Salih and SaraSaeb Rasheed
Synergistic effect of epstein–barr virus infection with X-linked inhibitors of apoptosis (XIAP) and caspase-3 (CASP3) concentrations on to cervical carcinoma progression in some group of females Iraqi patients
Jasim Mohammed Muhsin
Evaluation of serum prolactin level in chronic kidney disease in Iraqi patients
Wafaa Sh. Al-Zuhairi and Alzahraa Ibrahim Abdulmajeed
Prevalence of methiciliin or multiple drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in cattele meat marketed in Wasit province
Manal Hadi Ghaffoori Kanaan and Amer Jebur Obayes Al-Isawi
Comparative study of hormonal and IL-6 levels among infertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome and healthy women
Lamees M. Al-Janabi and Enass Saleh Jawad
Study for testosterone and oxidative stress in males with bronchial asthma
Husam M. Kredy and Majeed M. Al-Hamami
The significant of polymorphisms in tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) gene promoter in lung cancer
Omar Tareq Zaidan
Genetic diversity of lesser grain borer, Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius) from North India and other geographical locations as revealed by Cytochrome C oxidase I gene
Rahul Kumar Chandel, Manju Sharma, S. Subramanian, Chitra Srivastava and S. M. Paul Khurana
Prevalence of antibiotic resistance in the bacterial isolates sourced from diseased fish of different environmental conditions of sub Himalayan regions
Suneeta G. and Yogendra Prasad
Effect of adding different concentrations of thyme oil on reducing the total microbial count in the soft cheese to increase the shelf life
Laith Fareed Hasan Al-Obaidi and Hussein Ali Hussein
Effect of chicken eggshell powder fortification on the chemical physical and rheological characteristics of the bread
Riyadh Shamkhi Ali, Sakena Taha Hasan and Manal Abdalwahed Alssiraj
Prevalence and some epidemiological aspects of toxoplasmosis in miscarriaged women in Al-Muthanna governorate, Iraq
Asmaa Thamer Ali and Weam S. Al-Hamadany
The cardio protective effect of hydroxytyrosol in reducing oxidative stress in male adult rats fed on high fat diet
Hayder A. N. Al-Zamely and Intidhar Kareem Jebur Al Meramdhi
Molecular diagnosis of Salmonella typhi resistance genes in the province of Al-Qadisiya, Iraq
Frah Razzaq Kbyeh
Estimation of genetic parameters of some physiological and biochemical traits for the blood of selected Japanese quail bird for the age trait at sexual maturity
Samawal S. A. Al-Tikriti and Haitham R. M. Al-Kaisi
A clinical and immunological study about the increased susceptibility to respiratory tract infections among coeliac diseased children
Ifad Kerim Alshibly, Muder Hassen Noor and Solav Abdaladeam Albakery
Polymorphism of angiotensin converting enzyme gene in a sample of Iraqi hypertensive patient and its association with body mass index
Khadija Abbas Al Roshid and Ismail Hussein Aziz
Partial purification and some properties of 5’-AMP nucleotidase form promastigotes of Leishmania tropica and Leishmania donovani
Husain F. Hassan, Nour K. Al-Shanen and Saadia S. Hamad
Effect of toll-like receptor 4 overexpression on outcome in patients with acute myocardial infarction
Sami R. Al-Katib, Mohammed S. Abdul-Zahra and Basim A. Abd
An in-depth computational study for exploring structural insights into the molecular interaction mechanism of Sphk1 inhibitors
Iffat Azim, Salman Akhtar, Mohd Haris Siddiqui and Mohd Kalim Ahmad Khan
Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori detected by urea breath test in patients with abdominal discomfort in Hail region, KSA
Abdulkhalig Babiker Hassan, Abdelmuhsin Omer Hassan, Abdelhafiz Ibrahim Bashir, Dhari Abdulkarim Saleh Alquwaiay, Salem Fayez Saud Alshaghdali, Abdulmajeed Mohammed Abdullah Alshammari, Osamah Salem Abdukarim Alsaleh, Hamoud Hussain Abdulrahman Alsunitan
Homeodomain protein transforming growth-interacting factor (TGIF) : Structure, function and role in cancer development
Sahar Sarmasti Emami, Mohsen Masoodi, Gholam Reza Mobini and Abolfazl Akbari
Association of PPAR gamma gene polymorphism (C1431T) with the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus incidence in sample of Iraqi patients
Shaymaa S. Abd Al-Razzaq and Ismail A. Abdul-Hassan
Haemo-biochemical and immunohistochemical changes associated administration of crude oil to the male rats
Abbas Ch. Mraisel, Farah M. Jabber and Ali K. AL-Sodany
Total and specific (inhalative) IgE in asthmatic patients in Ramadi city, Iraq
Muntaha M. H. AL-Alouci, Omar A. M. AL-Janabi and Noor N. AL-Haiani
The physiological effect of exercise on endocrine response in lean and obese rats
Rana Jaber Tarish Al-Baghdadi
Micro RNA gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to colorectal cancer
Noor Abdal-Zahra, Subhi Jawad Hamza, Haidar Ahmad Shamran and Qasim S. Al-Mayah
Isolation and characterization of Shigella spp. from stool samples
Ali H. Alwan, Lubna Kamil A. and Mohammad A. Ahmed
Evaluation on seed quality of three soybean varieties at different maturity stages
Imad M. Ali, R. Nulit, Mohd Hafiz Ibrahim and MD. Kamal Uddin
Incidence of brucellosis in Iraq during 2017
Areej Atiyah Hussein, Adawia Fadhel Abbaas Alzubaidi and IsraaSalim Musa
Effect of dried whey powder treatment with formaldehyde or blood in some rumen fermentations of Al Awassi lamps
Ibrahim S. Jasim and Shaker A. Hassan
Molecular study of spy1258 and smeZ genes in group A streptococcal tonsillitis
Zainab Dakhil Degaim, Esraa Dhaher Taher and Mohammed Jasim M. Shallal
Relationship between bone remodeling factors, osteopontin and osteoprotegerin and the inflammatory response in acute coronary syndrome
Ali Abdul Rasool Hussein, Abdulkareem H. Issa and Arshad Fuad Al-Saffar
Characterization of surface active compound from novel thermophilic Iraqi strain Anoxybacillus rupiensis Ir3 (JQ912241)
Hiba M. Nasir
Molecular taxonomy of microalgae and survey fungal flora in Al-Yahoudiyah Rivulet
Sura Sabah Naji, Zaidan Khliaf Imran and Hussein J. Hussein
Protective activity of Capparis Spinosa against Aflatoxin B1 poisons induced Histopathological changes in mice
Asraa Adnan Shaker, Abid Ali Thaker and Abdalwahab Bdewi Hussain
How apolipoprotein-A1 level and MTHFR-A1298C polymorphism in morbidly obese are affected on heart disease
Fatimah Sahib Abed, Hana,aAddai Ali and Omid Ranae Syadat
The role of estimation of Procalcitonin in early diagnosis of bacteremia in febrile neutropenic patients
Isra’a Abdul-Bari Omar, Jabbar Salman H. and Waseem F. Al Tameemi
Phenotypic and genotypic detection of biofilm in Staphylococcus epidermidis isolated from some clinical specimens in Kerbala province
Riyam Ahmed Shehab Al-Janabi, Angham Jasim Mohammed Ali and Hassan Ali Al-Saadi
Response of growth and production of gerbera plant (Gerbera jamesonii) to chemical fertilizers
Nawal M. Alwan
Prospecting Nigella sativa bioactives for therapy of malignant pleural mesothelioma : Facilitating the CDK-4– P15INK4B interaction
Jamal e Fatima, Farah Ma’arfi, Adria Hasan, Snober S. Mir, Mohammad Haris Siddiqui and Mohd Aslam Yusuf
The effect of different parameters on the removal of vitamin B12 drug (as a model biochemical pollutants) by AC/Clay
Aseel M. Aljeboree, Hazim Y. Al-Gubury, Mohammed H. Said and Ayad F. Alkaim
Effect of pregnancy on some biochemical and immunological measures for women with Toxoplasma gondii
Raghad Tayes Saeed Al-Qadi, Intisar Ghanim Abdulwhhab and Iktefa Abdul Hamid Mohammed Saeed
Prevalence of HBV, HCV and HIV-1, 2 infections among patients in Saladin governorate, Iraq
Taghreedkhudhur Mohammed, Mohammed Abed Jwad, Ali Hafedh Abbas and Muntadher Fadhil Jassim
Reducing cholesterol levels and microbial load for camel hump tissue by probiotics bacteria
Rahem E. Alziadi, Amer A. AL-Shekdhaher and Eqbal A. Gatea
Role of b2GPI SNP 247 V/L Polymorphism and Risk of Antiphospholipid Syndrome Incidence in Recurrent Miscarriages Women
Sarah Najah Mahdi, Da’ad Hussain and Mohammed Naji
Study of some biochemical parameters associated with polycystic ovary syndrome in type 2 diabetic women
Faten Khudhair Abbas Al-Husaini and Ahmed Aboud Khalifa
Interleukin 6 gene polymorphism in children with nephrotic syndrome
Noor A. Malik, Ahmed Abdul-hassan Abbas and Shatha Hussein Ali
Levels of lipid profile, systolic, diastolic arterial blood pressure and BMI in Iraqi hypothyroid patients women
Ban Hussein Hameedi
Study of hematological and biochemical changes in sheep and goats infected with theileriosis at Al-Najaf province, Iraq
Marai Hamid Saad Mahmoud, Aiman Mohammed Baqir Al-Dhalimy and Ali Hussein Al-Dujaily
Functional effects of Sesamum Indicum seeds on some hormones in female white rats
Farah Jawad Al-Masoudi and Sinaa Jaboori Al-Bazii
Study of the relationship between the concentration of leptin and biochemical parameter in the infertile men
Zainab Salim Jabbar and Kadhem Mohammed Sabaa
Partial purification and characterization of L-arabinose isomerase produced from local isolate of Bacillus subtilis AH1
Hameed Abbood Jebur and Ali Hamid Tami
Role of progesterone associated protein gene variation on implantation rate following IVF program in PCOS and non PCOS women
Saad S. Al-Dujaily, Zena F. Hussien, Ismail H. Aziz and Bushra J. Al-Musawi
A comparative Study of the effect of exposure to phytoestrogen genistein and estrogen (17b- estradiol) on the level of sex hormones and ovarian histological changes in female rats
Ahmed Nassir Faisal and Hanaa enaya mahod
The emotional distress among women undergone treatment for infertility at Babylon teaching hospital for maternal and children, Al-Hilla
Wafaa Ahmed Ameen and K. J. Salma
Studying the gene expression of virulence factors in Aspergillus (flavus and Niger) associated with the diabetic foot
Kadhim H. A. Al-Ameri and Majid Kadhim Al-Shibly
Assessment of coxsackie virus B4 in type 1 diabetes mellitus patients in Iraq
Mohammed Abdulkadhim Sayah and Musa Nima Mezher
Ameliorative effect of baicalin on immulogical and lipid profile in striptozotocin induced diabetic male rats
Haider asdkhan musa and Hussein Khudair Al-Mayali
Impact of schoolbag use on back pain among primary school children in Baghdad city
Nawar Sahib Khalil and Mazin Ghazi Jasim Alrubaey
Molecular detection and sequencing of transposable elements in Acinetobacter baumannii
Saif Adel Al-Taliby, Wathiq Abbas Hatite Al-Daraghi and Farhan H. Al-Hamedi
Association between myosin heavy chain polymorphism and progression of renal failure
Thana Mohammed Juda
Effect of Trichoderma harzianum on some lytic enzymatic activity in vucumber plant infected with Rhizoctonia solani
Ankita Srivastava
Detection of Leishmania spp. by nested-PCR and virulence factors GIPLs, GP63 in L. major by conventional- PCR
Fatima Ibrahim Mohammad and Khadeeja Abees Hmood
Molecular and biochemical studies of some physiological parameter of Shiledive consequences of marshmallow quotations on asprine-induced gastric abscess in rats
Neeran F. Hassan
Molecular detection of genotyping by RAPD PCR of Campylobacter jejuni isolated from clinical sample
Taisir Abdulelah Kadhim, Maysa S. AL-Shukri and Ahmed A. AL-Zubadi
The activity of ethanolic extract of Capsella bursa on some biochemical parameters of mice
Ashwaq Talib Hmeed Al Rajab, Zina Khalil lbrahim and Hind Younis Khalaf
Evaluation of vitamin D and osteoporosis status parameters in beta-thalassemia major patients in Hilla province
Radhwan M. Hussein, Fatima Adnan Alzubaidi and Zainab Sajid Mohammed
No etiological role of Herpes simplex virus and Toxoplasma gondii infections in systemic lupus erythematosus of Iraqi female patients
Ali Hafedh Abbas, Alice Krikor Melconian and Ali Hussein Ad’hiah
Castration of Iraqi local bucks by ligations of the vascular portion of spermatic cord compared with chemical castration
H. H. Nahi, J. R. Al-Shmmary, K. R. Karem and M. D. Sabreen
Single nucleotide gene polymorphism of interleukin-1B gene at position-115 in type 1 diabetes of Iraqi patients
Ibtesam, Badday Hassan, Mohammed Ali Mohammed, Fatin Ali Al-Chalabi, Ibtesam Khalil Alwan, Omar Hamid Abed and Suaad Abbas Hussien
Pacifier using and its impacts on the health of children in Al-Hilla city
Rebee Mohsin, Hakim Yousif and Mudher H. Noor
Detection of MiRNA 149 and MiRNA 146a gene polymorphisms in metabolic syndrome patients
Methak J. Aljbňori, Mona N. Al-Terehi and Noora M. Hameed
Anatomical and physiological study of shoulder muscle strain in bodybuilding players
Abdul-Samad Uleiwi Hassan, Zahraa Falah Abd-Alaali and Rawiyah Abdulla Salman
Study of some pathogenesis aspects in puppies after experimental infection of puppies with Giardia duodenalis
Hisham A. Swadi and Mohammad M. Zenad
Tonsillitis infections : Prevalence and antibiotic resistance pattern of bacterial isolates in Baghdad teaching hospital
Mohammed Z. Abbas
Estimation of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in lower respiratory pediatric disease
Alyaa Hameed M. Mahdi
The effectiveness of Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus on some biological parameters of female rats exposed to the bisphenol-A
Mohammed L. Hamk, Mohammed J. Mohammed, Ali H. Jamel and Karkaz M. Thalij
Effect of potential radio-protective role of honey against x-ray induced testicular damage
Mahmood Nema AL-Shemary and Hussin Ali Abdulatif
Molecular study of VDR polymorphisms and their genotyping association as predictor risk for hepatitis B and C infection
Redhaa Abd Alrazaaq Abd Alredha, Hawraa Wahab Al-Kaim and Ali Hussein Al-Marzoqi
Isolation and characterization of Pseudomonas putida producing bioplastic (polyhydroxyalkanoate) from vegetable oil wastes
Iman H. Gatea, Ameena G. Abid, Amal A. Halob and Azhar Abdulsahib
Molecular detection of tetM gene in and Tn916 Tetracyclin resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae in Baqubah city, Iraq
Hadeel J. Ibrahim, Hadi R. Rasheed Al-Taai, Abbas A. Farhan Al-Dolaymi and Ali A. Aboud
Assessment the gene expression of sigma factor (RpoS) under ceftriaxone stress in pathogenic Escherichia coli
Ahmed Fadhil Kadhim and May Talib Flayyih
Zooplankton species composition and abundance in Habbaniya lake, Iraq
Lubna F. Muslih and Mahmood M. Al-Mahdawi
Association between iron deficiency and hearing loss
Sami R. Al-Katib, Yasir L. Hasson and Rawaa H. Shareef
Evaluation of anti-proliferative effect of simvastatin and atorvastatin alone and in combination with doxorubicin on MCF7 cell line
Aiyat Hasan Yahya, Inaamsameh Arif and Dalya Basil Hanna
Evaluation of locally chilled beef meat in different regions from Iraq using physical and chemical indicators
Amera Mohammed Saleh Al-Rubeii, Rabeea Mezher Mahmood and Najwa Shihab Ahmed
Calcium phosphate nanoparticles and vitamin D in sera of rheumatoid patients
Ameer Q. Abdalrida, Hanaa H. Hussein and Sura A. Abdulsattar
Study of the protective effect of gallic acid on blood cells and oxidative stress caused by Hemiscorpius lepturus in mice
Fatemeh Azhdari, Mohammad Badavi, Babak Vazirianzadeh, Mahin Dianat and Alireza Sarkaki
Correlation of serum copper, magnesium and zinc in essential hypertension
Dhananjay Tiwari, Saiyad Shakirul Islam and Mohammad Mustufa Khan
Chlamydia pneumoniae infection and endothelial dysfunction in cardiovascular diseases
Hadeel A. Nasser, May K. Ismael and Mohammed M. F. Al. Halbosiy
The frequency of the SLCO1B1 gene SNP521TAli Haider Dirjal, Da’ad Ali Hussain and Ahmed Salih Sahib
Intracomparative and immunocytochemictry study of parotid, submandibular and sublingual gland in domestic rabbit of Iraq
Wafaa H. AL-Hashemi, Mohummed E. Mansur and Merza H. Homady
Asthma in adult patients : Assessment of IgE, IL-5 and eosinophil levels that responsible for flare-up of asthma
Ahmed Abbas Hasan
Microsatellite instability at D17S250 locus in malignant and benign breast tumors
Basman F. Abbas, Nidhal A. Mohammad and Ala’a D. Kadhum
Effect of leaves spraying and salinity levels in some natural and chemical properties of Chrysanthemum
Baqer Challab Hadi, Haider Mahmooed Jasim, Farhan Alaallah Eabaid and Ali Amran Ali
Study of some reproductive efficiency indicators of holstein cows from FABP3 gene polymorphism
Al-Janabi H. R. A.
Relationship of GDF-9 gene polymorphism with reproductive performance in Awassi sheep
S. M. Al-Jubori, W. J. Al-Khazraji and A. A. Al-Ani
Effect of adding different level of Nigella sativa and rosemary
W. H. Al-Samaraee
Association of CD9 gene with semen quality of Holstein bulls : 1 fresh semen
Omar A. A. Sultan and Sajeda M. Eidan
Effect of ozone gas treatment on microbiological content of bread wheat during storage
Emad Shaker Whaib and Makarim Ali Mousa
Comparative histopathological effects of acetamiprid and its nanometric form on albino mice
Duha Zeki Al-Swefee, Ahmed Jasim Mohammed and Salah M. Al-Chalabi
Comparative histopathological effects of acetamiprid and its nanometric form on albino mice
Duha Zeki Al-Swefee, Ahmed Jasim Mohammed and Salah M. Al-Chalabi
Effect of supplementing different sources and levels of Glutathione (GSH) to the diets on productive performance of broiler
Hussein Ali Jawad and Huda Qasim Al-Himdany
Polymorphism of FABP3 gene (SNP: rs383276104) and its relationship with productive traits in dairy cows
H. R. A. Al-Janabi and N. N. Al-Anbari
Effect of adding antioxidants to Tris extender on cooling and post-cryopreservative semen characteristics of Holstein bulls 2. Salvia officinalis L aqueous extract
Atheer S. Mohsin and Sajeda M. Eidan
Visual outcome and keratometric changes after corneal collagen cross-linking with riboflavin and ultraviolet-A for patients with keratoconus in Kirkuk city
Marwan Salah Salman and Abdulhameed Abdulmajeed Hassan
Effect of treated sunflower with blood or formaldehyde on the performance of Al Awassi lambs
Ibrahim S. Jasim and Shaker A. Hassan
Inheritance of HLA-c and pro-inflammatory cytokines polymorphism in association with family history in type-I psoriasis
Alaa I. Ali and Manal M. Khadhim
Effect of nitrogen fertilization and harvesting date on growth of burdock plant (Arctium lappa L.) and total phenols content in leaves
Qasim A. S. Al-Zyadi
Effect of replaced partial or complete fermented wheat by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, probiotic and rumen liquor with urea instead of corn on some immunological and physiological characters of broiler chicks
Ali J. Hammod, Abdullah A. Mohammed and Jaffer M. Jassim
Impact of polycystic ovarian syndrome -metabolic syndrome on pregnancy complication : Hospital based study at Alsulimaniya private hospital
Nabila K. Yaaqoub
Evaluation of breeding values for bulls reproductive traits according to progeny performance
Saja Salim AL-Azzawi and Salih Hassan AL-Azzawi
Incidence of Hymenolepis nana among patients attending Al-Mahaweel Hospital, Babylon province
Husam H. Alewi and Jawad K. Ali
Influence of chemical fertilizers and foliar spraying with humic acid in growth and yield of red cabbage
M. Ridha AL-Ubaidy, Mohammed Mahmood Mohammed and Ali K. Al-Zaidy
Effect of total replacement of raw and fermented wheat instead of the maize in laying hens diets on production performance
Riyadh W. A. Alkhuzaae and Hisham A. S. Almashhadani
Available phosphorus amount in rhizosphere of Zea maize L.
Raid SH. Jarallah and Nihad A. Abbas
Effect of fibrolytic bacteria isolated from the rumen of Iraqi camels on in vitro digestibility of wheat straw
Hussein Sattar Al-Dahami, Shaker A. Hassan and Khlood Abid-Alelah Alkhafaji
Computational evaluation of electronic properties, reactivity parameters and toxicities of a-cypermethrin and b- cyfluthrin pyrethroids
Esha Yadav, Anuradha Tiwari, Ravi Nishad and Mahendra Singh
Synthesis, antioxidant activity of some novel schiff base derived from ethyl 4-aminobenzoate
Athraa H. Mekky, Asaad H. Sayer and Hayder Jwad Abed
Antibiotic susceptibility of some pathogenic bacteria isolated from bovine fresh milk in Al-Hilla city
Mohammed Khadum Wali, Marwa Mohammed Abed, Israa Ali Fadhil and Mohammed Hasan Dakheel
Effect of feeding nile flower (Eichhornia-crassipes) on some blood parameters and liver functions enzymes in Awassi lambs
Anwar S. Abdel Azeez and Jamal A. Tawfeeq
Effect of adding of heart palm powder Kestaweey varieties of Phoenix dactylifera L in the specific properties of the laboratory cake
Ashraq Monir Mahamed
Impact of both of time and temperature of ovine ovaries transport in mortality and abnormality percentages of oocytes and ovarian follicles
Ali Abdaljabbar Ibrahim, Ahmed Younis Saieed and Tahseen A. AL Saeedi
Effect of adding different levels of Putercine to the ration in some of the productive traits of Japanese quails females
Joseph Abdul Kareem Hussein and Sunbul Jassim Hamodi
Fifth exon and partial of exon six polymorphisms of growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene and its association with some productive and physiological traits of laying hens
Alan A. Noori, Ibtisam Q. Abdul Kareem and Bassam G.M. Al-khatib
Protective Effect of Bromelain on Gentamicin-Induced Renal Damage in Rats
Jawad Kadhim Faris, Ahlam T.H. Al-Khamas, Dalia A. Muhsin Al-Saray, Hawraa M. Murad and Lubab Ageel Jaafar Alwaeli
Effect of sulbactam - ampicillin, pipracillin and imipenem on the growth of Klebsiella pneumonia that cause urinary tract infection
Muna Hameed Ahmed Al-Azzawi and Morooj Ali Fahd Alrawi
Comparison of cyclic fatigue among proTapergold, one curve, Wave One® gold and VDW blue files
Sattar J. Abdul-Zahra Al Hmedat, Zuha Ayad Jaber and Suhad Jabbar Al-Nasrawi
The free radical scavenging activities and total phenolic contents of extracts from leaves and roots of two radish varieties grown in Iraq
Munther Hamza Rathi, Abdul-Lateef Molan and Masar H. Ismail
Association of polymorphisms for vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor-1 (VIPR-1) genes with egg production in local Iraqi brown chickens
Mudher Jihad Abdel Amir, Waleed M. Razuki and Eman Hassan Al-Anbari
IL-28B serum levels in hepatitis A and E infected Iraqi patients
Nawal Mohammed Utba
Effect of adding different levels of tamarind pulp on BOD weight and conformation for carcasses of broiler chicken
S. R. Bushra, M. I. Basil and T. O. Saja
The effect of replacing wheat flour with soybean flour in the sensory, chemical and nutritional properties of loaf baking
Baidiaa Hafidh Mohammed
Isolation, identification and evaluation of lactic acid bacteria as antibacterial activity
Suzan Kamran Hasan, Lamees Thamer Al–Hadedee and Jasim M. Awda
Polymorphism of VIP gene C+338T and its association with the egg production of local Iraqi brown chicken
Mudher J. Abdel Amir, Eman H. Al-Anbari and Waleed M. Razuki
Effect of three single nucleotide polymorphism combinations of BRCA1 gene on reproductive performance and mastitis infection in Iraqi friesian cows
Hamza Mizail Hawa AL-Khuzai
The contribution of the main stem and the primary tillering in three varieties of wheat under the influence of the five seed rates
M. F. H. Al-Hassan and J. W. Mahmoud
Estimation of imidacloprid residues on honeybees using the Quechers method by HPLC
Suzan D. Hadi, Kameela W. Shaher and Abdulkareem J. Ali
Induced resistance in wheat plants to aphids by silicon
Shaymaa Hameed Al-Obaidy
Association the gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor (GnRHR) gene polymorphisms with egg production traits in Iraqi local brown chicken
Majid M. S. Alameri, Eman H. H. Al-anbari and Waleed M. Erzuky
Association the neuropeptides Y (NPY) gene polymorphisms with egg production traits in Iraqi local brown chicken
Majid M. S. Alameri, Eman H. H. Al-anbari and Waleed M. Erzuky
Effect of foliar spraying of potassium humate and seaweed extract (Tecamin algae) on growth and quality fruits of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Zena Hazbar Khazeal and Zena Sami Rashed
Removal of cadmium and lead by using renewable energy
Munaf D. F. Al-Aseebee, Ayah A. Okab, Dhurgham A. A. Al-Sultany and Rasha A. Al-Husseiny
Evaluation of the potassium availability in the saline soils using the thermodynamic criterion
Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud and Shatha Majed Al-Rubaai
Evaluation of the potassium availability in the saline soils using the traditional chemical criterion
Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud and Shatha Majed Al-Rubaai
Isolation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from sewage water in Mosul city
Mohammed Abdul-Razaq Al-Qatan, Mohammed Zaghlool Al-Khayyat and Hiba Khalil Saeed
Effect of parity and calving month on average daily milk yield, mastitis rate on major milk components in Iraqi buffaloes
Wafaa Ismail Ibrahim
Effect of melatonin hormoneon long-term cryopreserved semen holstein bulls : 1-individual motility, live sperms and plasma membrane integrity of sperm
Noor Mohammed Mahmood, Sajeda M. Eidan and Raaed I. Khalil
Effect of melatonin hormone on long-term cryopreserved semen : 2-Characteristics of semen Holstein bulls
Noor Mohammed Mahmood, Sajeda M. Eidan, Raaed I. Khalil, ,Faris Fesal Ibrahim, Wafaa Yeedam Lateef and Tareq Abdulwahid Shihab
Studying the stability of the fat of some fish caught in the Al Gharraf river in the southern of Iraq
Raji T. N. Al-Zamily and Emad K. A. Al Zworgany
Impact of programmed cell death PD-1.5 gene polymorphism in patients with cutaneous leishmainasis
Shaymaa Mahmood Hashim, Muhammed A. H. Aldabagh, Ndheer A. Matloob, Qasim Sharhan and Mohammed J. Shaker
Studying the characteristics of immobilized rennet on paraffin wax and beeswax and its use for soft cheese manufacturing
Sawsan M. Abdul-Rahman and Asmaa S. Ahmaed
The optimal conditions for xylene enzyme production of locally isolated Bacillus subtilis bacteria strain RS1
Raed S. Khudhair Al-badran and Elham E. Tami Al-Buaiji
Determination of auto-antibodies against myositis-associated antigens in Rheumatoid arthritis patients using new Immunoblot assay in Mosul, Iraq
Alaa Younis Mahdy Al-Hamadany, Rana Sallal Hasan and Safaa M. Sharef
Effect of some life factors on Haemoglobin concentration in adults
Khalidah Nayyef Mustafa
Study and treatment of Iraqi cows repeat breeder
Kareem Kadhim Radhi, Jaber Radhey Abdulhamza, H. H. Nahi and M. D. Sabreen
Effects of contaminated water with glyphosate herbicides on the external and behavioral characteristics of common carp, Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus
Dhurgham A. A. Al-Sultany, Firas M. Al-Khafaji and Abbas T. Khlaif
Sequencing of acsA housekeeping gene from Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from sputum specimens
Alaa Salim Hamzah and Khalied Yassen Zakair
Effect of ionized water and percentage of concentrate on the rumen environment and some of blood characteristics of Iraqi lambs
M. F. Mahmud and S. F. Mohammed
The protective role of leben supported with Saccharomyces boulardii yeast against Salmonella enteritidis bacteria effect on some blood parameter and spleen tissue in male rats
Taha Khater Khudair, Noor Jumhaa fabhil and Ahmed Jasem Al Bayaty
Association of polymorphisms for vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor-1 (VIPR-1) genes with egg production in local Iraqi brown chickens
Mudher Jihad Abdel Amir, Waleed M. Razuki and Eman Hassan Al-Anbari
Quality analysis of food products and pharmaceutical materials by Raman spectroscopy
Mahendra Singh
Isolation, antibiotic sensitivity and qualitative determination of slime layer formation test for P. aeruginosa isolated from wound and urinary tract infection patient
Abdullah L. Khalil and Sana R. Alawi
Effect of NPK, organic fertilization and iron with zinc paper spray based on normal and nanotechnology methods on soil NPK readiness and Solanum tuberosum L. production
Mahmood N. AL-Yasari and Munther M. Al-Hilli
Effect of dried whey powder treated with blood or formaldehide on the total number of anaerobic bacteria and protozoa in Al-Awassi lambs
Ibrahim S. Jassim
Using activated and functionalized of Conocarpus L. leaves carbon for removal of disperse yellow dye from its aqueous solutions
Hazim Aziz Al-Robai and Gaith Salah Hadi Almamoori
The use of a mixture of essential oils on dressing percentage, internal edible organs, abdominal fat and carcass cuts of broilers
O. I. Al-Bayati and H. A. Al-Mashhadani
Comparative anatomical, hematological and hormonal study to development of ovary and follicles in females of Arrabi and Awassi sheep
Ahmed J. Al-Yasery, Ali A. Al-Sadoon and Zainab A. Al-Rubaie
Impact of sodium chloride and sorbitol in rising production of some steroidal saponins from fenugreek callus
Saeb Aboud Hassan and Emad Hamdi Jassim
Effect of adding different levels of oeuropein to the diet on the production performance of broilers
Qasim M. Karim and Lama K. H. Bandar
The thiamine (B1) effects on some blood parameters in lead poisoning male rabbits
Basim T. Al-Rekabi and Jassim E. Q. Almusawi
Response of potato (Solanum tubersoum L.) planted in calcareous soil to different organic fertilizers
Jawad Taha Mahmood Alfadhli and Mohammed Qasem Uada
Improvement the surface properties of metal valves used in agriculture engine by using CO2 laser beam
Abbas S. Alwan, Enass A. Khalid and Sameer K. Fayyadh
Influence of Nd-YAG laser beam on microstructure and wear characteristics of gray cast iron
Shahad Sabah Aziz, Abbas S. Alwan and Kadhum Ahmed Abed
Effect of sesame cake meal on the growth of common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Mohammad F. AL-Hidary and S. A. K. AL-Shawi
The efficiency of flax plant (Linum usitatissimum L.) in absorb elemental cadmium and lead pollutant soil
Saba Abud AL-Kareem Mustafa, Abid Ahmad AL-Ardeeni and Bdran Adnan Saeed
Estimating of breeding value and genetic variations for (C1549T) introne 2 of insulin gene hormones on average body weight data in broiler hybrid Ross 308
Eman H. AL-Anbari, Riyadh H. Senkal and Mohannad M. Al-Rikabi
Genetic polymorphisms of heat shock protein gene (HSP90AA1) and association with characteristics of heat tolerance in bulls
Maytham Thamer Al Dulaimy, Sajeda M. Eidan and Salih H. Al Azzawi
Effect of adding some volaticle oils on the sensory and physical properties of minced chicken meat during frozen storage
Yousef A. Nayef and Bushra S. Zangana
Effect of adding high level of phytease enzyme to corn-soybeans based diets in the production and physiological performance of broilers
Husam H. Nafea, Firas M. H. Alkhilani and Bahaa I. Hamid
New bidentate Schiff base complexes of some transition ions : Preparation, identification, with studying the antibacterial behaviour
Ahmad H. Ismail, Basim H. Al-Zaidi and Mohammed M. Hasson
Prevalence of explained and unexplained subfertility in Kirkuk city
Eman Fathi
Comparison of modified hang-back and conventional recession surgery for horizontal strabismus
Osamah Jihad Abdul Qader and Faraidon Fatih Mohammed
Serological and molecular study of MBP in Iraqi multiple sclerosis
Hiba Salah Ismael, Wafaa Fadhil Hamad and Sarmad Abdul-Rasool Al-Mashta
Lipid profile in non-dialysis and hemodialysis chronic renal failure patients in Kirkuk city
Afrah Y. Jasim, Fadheelah S. Azeez, Razan Y. Qasim and Ali M. Saadi
Evaluation of relationship between obesity biomarker and anti mullerian hormone in obese infertile woman
Masriyah Rashad Hussein
Detection of humeral and celluler immune response in rabbits immunized by E. coli O157 : H7 oral vaccines
Amjed Ghaeb Raheem and Khalid Mahmood Hammadi
Significant iron and vitamin D deficiency and significant increase of hepcidin level in Iraqi patient with iron deficiency anemia
Mohanad Waheeb Mahdi, Luay Qasim Abdulhameed and Ammar Ahmed Sultan
Evaluation of the potassium availability in the saline soils using thetraditional chemical criterion
Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud and Shatha Majed Al-Rubaai
Effect of early exposure to heat and addition of ginseng extract on production traits in broiler chicks
Nadia Azeez AL-Muslimawi and Dhia Khalil Ibrahim
Effect of heat exposure and ginseng extract on blood xells count in broiler xhiks
Nadia Azeez AL-Muslimawi and Dhia Khalil Ibrahim
Association of human cytomegalovirus with HER2 proto-oncogene overexpression in Iraqi breast cancer patients
Bareq N. Al-Nuaimi, Raghad H. Al-Azzawi and Rana Z. Naji
Spectrophotometric method for determination of trimethoprim by using NQS
H. Abdulwhaab Abdulateef
Synthesis characterization and microbial activity of new Schiff base ligand [N2H4] type and its nickel complex
Khaild T. Abdullah, Nasry Jassim Hussien, Abdul Salam Abdul Kareem Abul Rahman and Sahar H. Mourad
Carcinoembryonic antigen, alpha fetoprotein and folic acid levels in pregnant women and fetuses with anencephaly
Firyal Khalifa Salman Al Otbi, Abbas Fadhel Jawad Al-Dulaimy and Ghassan H. Jameel
Preparation of some heterocyclic derivatives from 2-mercapto benzothiazole and study their effect of bacteria
Omar Abdulrahman Mohammed and Haza Satar Majeed
Seropositive Helicobacter pylori and pregnancy related vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy
Hiba Q. Mohammed and Israa H. Abid Alkareem Ficog
Investigation of the viral hepatitis spread with hemodialysis patients
Hula Y. Fadhil, Rasha J. Khalaf and Mays J. Abed Al-Kareem
Biodegradation of synthetic polymer waste using bacteria isolated from soil
N. R. Somwanshi, A. J. Khandagle, B. A. Pawar and S. S. Jesani
Role of genetic variations in MTHFR gene associated with PCOS in a sample of Iraqi patients
Asmaa A. Almukhtar, Asmaa M. Salih Almohaidi and Suha H. Haywii
Relationship HBCAB with liver function test
Inam H. Khudhair and Duaa A. Yass
Detection of gyrB gene in Acinetobacter baumannii resistant to the quinoloine in Baghdad hospitals
Rana A.H. AL-Lami and Asmaa M. Salih Almohaidi
The role of IL–18 as a biomarker for early detection of acute kidney injury
Noor Jameel Khudair, Mohanad Mohsin Ahmed and Riyadh Muhi Al-Saegh
Level of some biochemical tests associated with infected by Helicobacter pylori in Iraqi diabetic patients
Mohammed Flayyih Tareef, Abdulrazzaq Neamah Zghair and Nihad Khalawe Tektook
Etiological agent and risk factor of otomycosis at Essaouira, West Province, Iraq
Noor Ismeal Nasser, Thuraya Aamer Habeeb and Maysoon Khudair Al-Hadrawi
Gene expression alterations in delayed wound healing in diabetic rats treatment of stem cells and platelet-rich plasma
Haidar Alsaedi, Abdelbary Prince, Dhuha Quraishi and Mohamad Ali
Effect of Toxoplasma gondii on alteration of gene sequence in prostate cancer patients
Sinai Najy Muhsin Al-Doury
Identification of Leishmania species from cryopreserved and Giemsa stain slide samples
Nuha S. Al-Bayatii and Jaladet M. S. Jubrael
Genotyping of Candida albicans by polymerase chain reaction isolated from women in Diyala province
Luma T. Ahmed and Omar D. Salman
Effect of cumin using instead of the industrial and preservatives materials in production methods of Hommous Tahina
IbtihalI AL–Ani and Aws H. J. Al–Ani
Isolation and identiffication of pathogenic from various clinical specimens of patients In Imam Al-Hussein hospital city In Kerbala
Maysaa Taqi Abdul-Hasan, Durgham Hassan Shatti and Sahar Abdulridha Jaber
The effect of different extracts of Anastatica hierochuntica L. in some aspects of the life performance of red beetle, Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera : Tenebrionidae) with the diagnosis of active compounds by using the technique (GC-MS)
Aseel Kariem Al-Sultany, Sarah Kadhim AL-Rahimy, Khansaa Abdul Alee Shaheed and MaedahAyyed khalaf
Effect of adding Glyrrhiza glubra L. root on quality properties of laboratory shortened cake in comparison with preservatives industrial
Aws H. J. Al–Ani and Ibtihal I. AL–Ani
Effect of adding antioxidants to Tris extender on cooling and post-cryopreservative semen characteristics of Holstein bulls 1. Melatonin hormone
Atheer S. Mohsin and Sajeda M. Eidan
The standard model of oil characteristics of Zubair reservoir in Luhais field southern Iraq
Mohammed H. Saqer, Muafaq F. AL-Shahwan and Abdullah A. AL-Yasiri
The activity of ethanolic extract of Capsella bursa on some biochemical parameters of mice
Ashwaq Talib Hmeed Al Rajab, Zina Khalil lbrahim and Hind Younis Khalaf
Study the hematological and biochemical changes in sheep and goats infected with theileriosis at Al-Najaf province, Iraq
Marai Hamid Saad Mahmoud, Aiman Mohammed Baqir Al-Dhalimy and Ali Hussein Al-Dujaily
Bacteriological and serological study of patients with appendicitis in Hilla city
Tsahel H. AL-Dulaimi, Hawraa J. Kaddim and Zainab A. Tolaifeh
Estimation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate and vitamin D3 levels in different types of beta thalassemia
Haider Ali Mahdi, Shukriashdhanchyiad Al-Oqaily and Sami Rahim Al-Katib
Isolation and characterization of lytic bacteriophages infecting Acinetobacter baumannii from sewage water in Babylon province, Iraq
Marwa Fadhil Alsaffar
Preparation a novel of silver nanoparticles of amygdalin and study its effect as treatment to correct changes in metabolism that can be caused by breast cancer
Waseem Yousif M. AL-dulaimy and Nijoud Faisal Yousif AL-Saarag
Genomic DNA extraction from mice tissues by using two methods (Favor Prep™ Tissue Genomic DNA extraction kit and Rapid method)
Rana Salah Noori Al-Saeagh and Azhar Hamza Hassan
Response of broad bean (Vicia faba L. ) to foliare sprey of nano and normal iron and magnesium fertilizers and interaction between them (yield and active substances)
Mohmmed Swadi Zagher Al Rkabe and Dhafer Abdulkadhim Jameel
Changes in acetylcholinesterase and DNA damage due to the use of malathion on white albino rat
Doaa Tahsen Ali and Ahmed S. Aldhamin
Response of potato planted in calcareous soil to different organic fertilizers (Solanum tubersoum L.)
Jawad Taha Mahmood Alfadhli and Mohammed Qasem Uada
Histopathological study of features invaded of hepatocellular carcinoma in liver parenchyma
Ammer Ridha Dirwal, Karrar Jasim Hamzah, Hamed A Hasan Aljabory and Qassim Abbas Mohammed
Inheritance of HLA-C and pro-inflammatory cytokines polymorphism in association with family history in Type-I psoriasis
Manal M Khadhim and Alaa L Ali

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