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You may use ‘Quick Search’ as a starting point, or for quick, simple searching.
To search Connect Journals database for Journals, enter a keyword or a part of the word as search term into the query box.
You may initiate a Search for Journals using Title No., ISSN No., Editor name., Title, Sub Title as input in the box.

Keyword or Search Term
Lists all Journals containing the digits

‘012’ in the Journal Title, Title no., ISSN no., Editor name or in the Sub Title.

onom Lists all Journals containing the part

word ‘onom’ in the Journal Title, Title no., ISSN no., Editor name or in the Sub Title., like ‘economics’, ‘economy’, ‘astronomy’, ‘agronomy’, ‘taxonomy’ etc.

Do not use Boolean operators like ‘AND’, ‘OR’ etc.

Once you have entered your search criteria, click on the ‘SEARCH’ button to run the search.

The Journal search results will be returned automatically on your screen under alphabetical listing. The results provide ISSN number, Current Volume no., Publisher name and Type information.

Each listed Journal name also provides a link to the particular Journal page with pricing, periodicity, subscription and other details together with Shopping Cart facility for order booking.

For starting a new Search on a different criterion, please click on any of the five search options in the submenu on top of the page.

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