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Author Guidlines

The contributions in the form of full papers and short communications, based on original research relating to basic and applied aspects of Entomology, will be considered for publication in the Journal of Insect Science from only the members of the Society. The reviews on current topics and recent books will also be published.

Three copies of original and revised manuscript, neatly typed in Times New Roman font, 12 point, in double space on one side of the white paper of good quality along with CD, should be submitted through registered post/ courier to the Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Insect Science, Department of Entomology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141 004, India. Editor-in-Chief can also be contacted at e-mail : Electronic version of the revised manuscripts should also be sent as e-mail attachment.

The Title of the paper should be concise but self explanatory. A short running title must also be given. Title should be followed by list of authors (names and addresses including e-mail at footnote must be provided). The Abstract should be very brief and not exceeding 200 words. It must to be followed by a few highly relevant Key Words, arranged alphabetically. The manuscript of paper should clearly define aims and objectives of the study and include the relevant review of literature. Material and Methods should be clear and to the point. In case of well known/standard methods, only the reference will suffice. Results and Discussion should preferably be combined to avoid repetition. Results should be written concisely. The data should be given only in metric system. Tables and figures should be numbered in arabic numerals. This should be followed by Acknowledgements, if any. The References should be arranged alphabetically by the surname of the first author and then, if required, by the second and the third author and so on. The names of the journals should be given in full and not be abbreviated.

These must be cited strictly as suggested below:

Paper in Journal :          Kalra P K, Rup R J and Gill R K 1992. Development of polyphenics of Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) in relation to phosphatase activity. Journal of Insect Science 5: 123-26.

Paper in Proceedings :       Joia B S and Battu R S 2005. Status of contamination of okra with presticide residues, pp. 177-79. In: Dilawari V K, Deol G S, Joia B S and Chhuneja P K (eds.), Proceedings of 1st Congress on Insect Science, December 15-17, 2005, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India.

Book :                               Painter R H 1951. Insect Resistance in Crop Plants, The MacMillan Company, New York, USA.

Chapter :                         Price P W and Waldbauer G P 1975. Ecological aspects of pest management, pp. 37-73. In: Metcalf R L and Luckman W H (eds.), Introduction to Insect Pest Management, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, USA.

Thesis :                            Chhuneja P K 1991. Studies on pollen substitutes for the brood rearing of Apis mellifera L. Ph.D. Dissertation, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India.

The citation of reference in the text should be as Prasad and Nath (1985) or (Prasad & Nath, 1985), Sharma et al. (1991) or (Sharma et al., 1991) depending on composition of the sentence. Two or more than two references cited jointly should be arranged chronologically and distinguished from each other by semi-colon, except that the word ‘and’ should be used between the last two references.

Complete scientific name of an organism with its authority must be given on its first mention. The contributors must ensure the authenticity of current scientific name and authority.

Illustrations: Figures (including original in MS Office Excel) and photographs (JPG files) should be submitted along with type written titles on separate sheet. All writings or drawings should be done with stencils or be computer printouts. Photographs should be on high quality glazed paper with good contrasts.

It is presumed that the papers submitted to the Journal of Insect Science have not been submitted to any other journal for publication. The responsibility for duplication in publishing a full paper or part of it in any other journal, lies entirely with the author(s). All the authors must be members of the society or agree to pay print charges @Rs.200/- per printed page if not the members of the society.

The Editorial Board assumes no responsibility for the views and statements of the authors published in the Journal.

For style of papers, consult the recent issue and website link


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