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Advanced Search Help

Advanced Search ‘Advanced Search’ is designed to help you create very specific search queries based on the various attributes listed on the page.

Advanced Search helps you limit your searches to a particular target population group of journals.

Entering/selecting your criteria

The Advanced Search contains several of the following ways to enter or select terms as per your requirements:
  • ISSN box into which you enter a particular ISSN number of a Journal.
  • TITLE of the Journal you seek to access.
  • EDITOR name for listing of all Journals with the particular editor.
  • Pull-down SUBJECT lists from which you may select a single value which will indicate the sub categories within the subject on the right of the box.
  • LANGUAGE box where you choose the language of the publication (s) required.
  • PUBLISHER name for listing all Journals from a particular publisher.
  • Pull-down COUNTRY lists for selecting the country of publication.
  • TYPE options to choose between default and print/online/print with online Journals.

Note: Select fields to search from the right-hand pulldowns. You can combine search strings against different fields by using the different search boxes. Entering or selecting two or more different criteria will automatically join the criteria together, creating a narrower search.

Once you have entered your search criteria, click on the ‘SEARCH’ button to run the search. If you need to erase the entries in the various fields, you may use the ‘CLEAR’ button for removing the entries and start afresh.

The Journal search results will be returned automatically on your screen under alphabetical listing. The results provide ISSN number, Current Volume no., Publisher name and Type information.

Each listed Journal name also provides a link to the particular Journal page with pricing, periodicity, subscription and other details together with Shopping Cart facility for order booking.

For starting a new Search on a different criterion, please click on any of the five search options in the submenu on top of the page.

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